The Kingdom of Loathing
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List of Pants Items
All of the pants, skirts, and kilts in the game

  Item Name
1337 7r0uZ0RZ
alpha-mail pants
Angelhair Culottes
antique greaves
antique nutcracker pants
astronaut pants
bakelite breeches
bark boxers
barskin loincloth
basic meat kilt
basic meat pants
basic meat skirt
bauxite boxers
biomechanical crimborg leg armor
black greaves
bloodied surgical dungarees
bloody clown pants
boneana hammock
Boss Bat britches
bottoms of the barrel
bounty-hunting pants
bowlegged pants
BRAINS shorts
BRICKO pants
Brimstone Boxers
Brogre brorts
brown paper pants
bugbear bungguard
bullet-proof corduroys
burnt snowpants
Can-Can skirt
cane-mail pants
Cerebral Culottes
chain-mail monokini
chalk chinos
cheerful pajama pants
Chester's cutoffs
clingfilm trousers
Cloaca-Cola fatigues
clockwork pants
cool iron greaves
corroded breeches
crappy Mer-kin tailpiece
Crimbo pants
Crimbylow-rise jeans
crotchety pants
cursed breeches
Daisy's unclean bloomers
Danglin' Chad's loincloth
demonskin trousers
depleted Grimacite shinguards
dice-print pajama pants
Dinsey's pants
discarded swimming trunks
distressed denim pants
double-ice britches
drafty drawers
dress pants
drippy khakis
Drunkula's silky pants
dubious loincloth
duct tape dockers
dungeoneer's dungarees
dwarvish war kilt
Dyspepsi-Cola fatigues
eelskin pants
El Vibrato leg guards
eldritch pants
electronic dulcimer pants
extremely skinny jeans
fancy party pants
fancy tuxedo pants
filthy corduroys
fire hose
floaty rock pants
floral-print skirt
flowing hippy skirt
foam naval trousers
frilly skirt
furry kilt
furry pants
furry skirt
gabardine gaiters
Galapagosian Cuisses
gauze shorts
genie's pants
ghast iron codpiece
giant discarded torn-up glove
gingerbread trousers
gnauga hide chaps
gnauga hide kilt
gnauga hide skirt
gold lamé pants
government-issued slacks
grass skirt
Great Wolf's beastly trousers
Greatest American Pants
Greaves of the Murk Lord
Grimacite gaiters
Grimacite greaves
Guzzlr pants
gym shorts
hardened slime pants
hep waders
hippopotamus kilt
hippopotamus pants
hippopotamus skirt
hobo dungarees
Hodgman's lobsterskin pants
hot daub stand
ironic jogging shorts
Jeans of Loathing
Jodhpurs of Violence
junk trunks
Knob Goblin elite pants
Knob Goblin harem pants
Knob Goblin pants
Knob Goblin Uberpants
Krakrox's Loincloth
lava-proof pants
leather chaps
Lederhosen of the Night
leggings of the Spider Queen
liar's pants
los chinos
lynyrdskin breeches
makeshift skirt
manly bloomers
marble maebari
mariachi pants
Mayor Ghost's khakis
Mer-kin gladiator tailpiece
Mer-kin scholar tailpiece
miming corduroys
miner's pants
monster pants
mostly rat-hide leggings
muddy skirt
mutant legs
Newman's Own Trousers
ninja hot pants
oil slacks
Ol' Scratch's ol' britches
old patched suit-pants
old school Mafia knickerbockers
old sweatpants
Orcish cargo shorts
Oscus's dumpster waders
Oscus's flypaper pants
pair of plants
palm-frond capris
Pantaloons of Hatred
pants of the Slug Lord
paper-plate-mail pants
paperclip pants
paraffin palazzos
parasitic tentacles
penguin shorts
penguinskin mini-kilt
penguinskin mini-skirt
pig-iron shinguards
pin-stripe slacks
pink pinkslip slip
pixel pants
plaid skirt
plexiglass pants
polyester pettipants
poodle skirt
porcelain plus-fours
pottery training pants
primitive alien loincloth
psychic's pslacks
pygmy briefs
Radio Free Pants
ratskin pajama pants
red silk skirt
repaid diaper
rusty metal greaves
saffron antaravasaka
scale-mail underwear
sea chaps
sealhide leggings
servo-assisted exo-pants
slime waders
slime-covered greaves
SMOOCH codpiece
smooth velvet pants
snailmail breeches
snakeskin thighboots
snow pants
snowboarder pants
space beast fur pants
spandex anniversary shorts
spangly mariachi pants
Spelunker's khakis
Spooky Putty leotard
square sponge pants
stainless steel slacks
star pants
sticky meat kilt
sticky meat pants
sticky meat skirt
stinky cheese diaper
studded leather boxer shorts
stylish swimsuit
sucker hakama
sugar shorts
swashbuckling pants
terra cotta trousers
the Archwizard's briefs
The Emperor's new pants
The Ghoul King's ghoulottes
The Jokester's pants
The Necbromancer's Shorts
The Sagittarian's leisure pants
Three Mile Island shorts
three-legged pants
tighty whiteys
time trousers
topiary tights
toy Crimbot rocket legs
transparent pants
Travoltan trousers
tree skirt
troll britches
Tropical Crimbo Shorts
trousers of the white knight
turtle wax greaves
turtlemail breeches
Uncle Hobo's gift baggy pants
union scalemail pants
Unkillable Skeleton's shinguards
Vicar's Tutu
Volartta's bellbottoms
Voluminous Radio Pants
Wal-Mart overalls
warbear battle greaves
warbear bearserker greaves
warbear ceremonial party pants
warbear dress greaves
warbear electric long johns
warbear fleece-lined long johns
warbear high festival pants
warbear long johns
warbear officer greaves
warbear party pants
wax pants
weasel stomping pants
weedy skirt
white satin pants
Whoompa Fur Pants
wicker knickers
wooly loincloth
wrought-iron waders
wumpus-hair loincloth
Xiblaxian stealth trousers
yakskin kilt
yakskin pants
yakskin skirt
zombie mariachi pants
Zombo's grievous greaves