The Kingdom of Loathing
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Off-Hand Items

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List of Off-Hand Items
All of the off-hand items in the game

  Item Name
A Light that Never Goes Out
Abyssal ember
adhesive tape dolly
Adventurer bobblehead
aerogel attache case
ancient calendar
ancient hot dog wrapper
ancient stone head
anniversary balloon
anniversary chutney sculpture
antique Canadian lantern
antique nutcracker drumstick
antique shield
antique spyglass
arm buzzer
arrow'd heart balloon
Bag o' Tricks
bakelite bowl
balloon shield
barskin buckler
basaltamander buckler
basic meat foon
battered hubcap
beach ball marble
beige clambroth marble
big bumboozer marble
black catseye marble
black shield
blue LavaCo Lamp™
bobble-hip hula elf doll
bone abacus
borg sock monkey
bottle of Goldschnöckered
bowl of petunias
box turtle
Brand of Violence
brass dorsal fin
bread basket
BRICKO bulwark
Brimstone Bunker
brown crock marble
bumblebee marble
C.H.U.M. lantern
card sleeve
cardboard box turtle
catskin buckler
Chalice of the Malkovich Prince
chalk chalice
charged magnet
Cloaca-Cola shield
clockwork detective skull
clownskin buckler
Codex of Capsaicin Conjuration
coffin lid
Cold Stone of Hatred
collapsible baton
complicated device
Cookbook of the Damned
cosmetic football
creepy doll head
creepy voice box
Crimbo bottomless hot cocoa mug
Crimbo Elf creepy bobble-head
Crimbo light-up Rudolph doll
Crimbo stogie-scented room odorizer
Crimbo tree flocker
cuddly teddy bear
cup of infinite pencils
cyborg doll
Dallas Dynasty Falcon Crest shield
deck of lewd playing cards
deck of tropical cards
defective skull
demon buckler
depleted Grimacite gravy boat
detective skull
detour shield
Diamond HP-35 Calculator
Dinsey's radar dish
dirty rigging rope
disturbing fanfic
double-ice box
drippy shield
Drunkula's wineglass
duct tape buckler
Dungeon Fist gauntlet
Dyspepsi-Cola shield
easter egg balloon
eelskin shield
Elizabeth's Dollie
Ellsbury's skull
enchanted brass knuckles
enchanted fire extinguisher
Engorged Sausages and You
enhanced signal receiver
eye of the Tiger-lily
faded green protest sign
faded red protest sign
fake hand
fake washboard
fancy opera glasses
fiberglass fetish
fireproof megaphone
fishbone catcher's mitt
flaming talons
fleshy lump
flimsy clipboard
foon of fearfulness
foon of fleshiness
foon of foulness
foon of frigidity
foon of fulmination
Frigid Northern Beans
Gazpacho's Glacial Grimoire
ghast iron heater shield
giant clay ashtray
giant penguin keychain
giant stuffed bugbear
gingerbread moneybag
Glass Balls of the Goblin King
glass gnoll eye
glass pie plate
glow-in-the-dark stuffed burrowgrub
glowing esca
gnauga hide buckler
Golden HP-35 Calculator
Great Wolf's left paw
green balloon
green LavaCo Lamp™
green peawee marble
Grey Guanon
grisly shield
Guzzlr souvenir stein
Half a Purse
hand of Mr. Cards
handmade hobby horse
heart-shaped balloon
heavy duty umbrella
heavy-duty clipboard
Heimz Fortified Kidney Beans
Hellfire Spicy Beans
hippo skin buckler
HOA regulation book
hobo code binder
Hodgman's almanac
Hodgman's cane
Hodgman's garbage sticker
Hodgman's harmonica
Hodgman's imaginary hamster
Hodgman's metal detector
Hodgman's varcolac paw
hors d'oeuvre tray
hot plate
HP-35 Calculator
ice baby
Idol of Ak'gyxoth
incredibly creepy marionette
ivory cue ball
jar of frostigkraut
Jarlsberg's pan
Jarlsberg's pan (Cosmic portal mode)
jet bennie marble
keg shield
Kevlar balloon
kickback cookbook
killer rag doll
KoL Con 13 snowglobe
KoL Con Six Pack
KoL Con X Treasure Map
Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™
latte lovers member's mug
lead umbrella
left bear arm
Left-Hand Man action figure
left-handed melodica
lemonade marble
little black book
little round pebble
Loathing Legion abacus
Loathing Legion can opener
Loathing Legion corkscrew
Loathing Legion defibrillator
Loathing Legion electric knife
Loathing Legion kitchen sink
Loathing Legion many-purpose hook
Loathing Legion moondial
Loathing Legion pizza stone
Loathing Legion tape measure
loose purse strings
LOV Elephant
low-budget shield
lucky lighter
mad scientist's sock monkey
magic lamp
magical ice cubes
makeshift castanets
marble mignonette bowl
marinara jug
marionette collective
meat shield
Medallion of the Ventrilo Prince
Mer-kin begsign
Mer-kin roundshield
Mer-kin stopwatch
Mer-kin takebag
meteorite guard
Microplushie: Bropane
Microplushie: Dorkonide
Microplushie: Ermahgerdic Acid
Microplushie: Fauxnerditide
Microplushie: Gothochondria
Microplushie: Hippylase
Microplushie: Hipsterine
Microplushie: Hobomosome
Microplushie: Otakulone
Microplushie: Raverdrine
Microplushie: Sororitrate
mime pocket probe
miniature stuffed Goth Giant
misfit dolly
misfit hobby horse
misfit teddy bear
Mixed Garbanzos and Chickpeas
mole skin notebook
moxie magnet
Mr. Balloon
Mr. Haggis
Mylar balloon
naughty fortune teller
novelty monorail ticket
nozzle of the Phoenix
off-hand balloon
oil lamp
Ol' Scratch's ash can
Ol' Scratch's stove door
old school flying disc
Operation Patriot Shield
optimal spreadsheet
orcish stud-finder
Oscus's garbage can lid
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
oyster basket
oyster egg balloon
padded tortoise
paint palette
painted shield
parasitic strangleworm
party crasher
peanut brittle shield
penguin skin buckler
penguin thesaurus
pilgrim shield
pirate hook
pixel grappling hook
pixel shield
Platinum HP-35 Calculator
plush alielf
plush alien hamsterpus
plush dogcat
plush ferrelf
plush hamsterpus
plush mutated alielephant
plush mutated alielf
pocketwatch on a chain
polyalloy shield
polyester pad
porcelain pepper mill
Pork 'n' Pork 'n' Pork 'n' Beans
portable dam
portable Othello set
pottery shield
pretty bouquet
primitive alien totem
psychic's crystal ball
radiator heater shield
rag doll
Raggedy Hippy doll
red balloon
red book
red China marble
red LavaCo Lamp™
Red Roger's red left hand
red wagon
Red X Shield
reusable shopping bag
rice bowl
Royal scepter
rubber baby doll
rubber ribcage
rusty compass
rusty old lantern
rxr shield
sawblade shield
Scepter of Loathing
Sceptre of the Torremolinos Prince
Science Notebook
scissor duck
sealhide buckler
sealskin drum
sebaceous shield
security flashlight
set of jacks
Seven Loco
sewer turtle
shadowy seal eye
Shield of Icy Fate
shield of the Skeleton Lord
Shrub's Premium Baked Beans
signal receiver
silver cow creamer
Silver HP-35 Calculator
Sinful Desires
six-rainbow shield
skull gearshift knob
skull of the Bonerdagon
slime-covered compass
slime-covered lantern
slippery when wet shield
smirking shrunken head
snake shield
snapdragon pistil
snarling wolf shield
sock monkey
sommelier's towel
sonar fishfinder
spaghetti-box banjo
spant shield
speed limit shield
spiky turtle shield
spongy shield
sprinkle-begging cup
standards and practices guide
stapler bear
star buckler
steaming evil
steely marble
stinky cheese wheel
stop shield
stress ball
studded sealhide shield
stuffed astral badger
stuffed baby gravy fairy
stuffed bandersnatch
stuffed Baron von Ratsworth
stuffed can of asparagus
stuffed caterpillar
stuffed Cheshire bitten
stuffed cocoabo
stuffed dodecapede
stuffed dodo
stuffed flaming gravy fairy
stuffed frozen gravy fairy
stuffed ghuol whelp
stuffed hand turkey
stuffed key
stuffed MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech
stuffed martini
stuffed Meat
stuffed mind flayer
stuffed Mob Penguin
stuffed monocle
stuffed pocketwatch
stuffed porpoise
stuffed sabre-toothed lime
stuffed scary death orb
stuffed sleazy gravy fairy
stuffed snowy owl
stuffed spooky gravy fairy
stuffed stab bat
stuffed stinky gravy fairy
stuffed teddy butler
stuffed tin of caviar
stuffed treasure chest
stuffed undead elbow macaroni
stuffed yeti
stuffed yo-yo
stuffed zmobie
sturdy cane
sucker bucket
surprisingly capacious handbag
Sword of the Brouhaha Prince
tailbone shield
teflon shield
terra cotta tambourine
Tesla's Electroplated Beans
The Lot's engagement ring
The Necbromancer's Stein
The Spirit of Crimbo
third-hand lantern
thought balloon
Tiki lighter
Time Lord Participation Mug
tiny black hole
tip jar
tortoboggan shield
toy Crimbot super fist
Trader Olaf's Exotic Stinkbeans
trench lighter
tropical paperweight
Tuesday's ruby
turtle wax shield
turtling rod
Unkillable Skeleton's shield
vampire pellet
velcro shield
vengeful spirit
vinyl shield
voodoo doll
Wal-Mart snowglobe
Wand of Oscus
washboard shield
Whatsian Ionic Pliers
white balloon
white satin shield
wicker clicker
wicker shield
wonderwall shield
World's Blackest-Eyed Peas
yakskin buckler
yield shield
Zombo's shield