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Food Items

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List of Food Items
All of the food items in the game

  Item Name
"meat" stick
abominable snowcone
acceptable bagel
acceptable mayolus
accidental mutton
actual blood sausage
actual tapas
Affirmation Cookie
agnolotti arboli
Aldebaran sardines
alien meat
alien sandwich
amok pudding
ancient frozen dinner
ancient unspeakable fruitcake
angel-food cake
angst burger
animal part cracker
antique packet of ketchup
asparagus lo mein
asparagus stir-fry
badass pie
bag of GORF
bag of GORP
bag of QWOP
Baja sopapilla
baked stuffing
balaclava baklava
ballroom blintz
banana cream pie
banana-frosted king cake
barrel cracker
barrel pickle
Bash-Ōs cereal
bat haggis
bat wing kabob
bat wing stir-fry
bat-shaped Crimboween cookie
bean burrito
bear claw
beautiful soup
Beefy Crunch Pastaco
beefy fish meat
beer basted brat
bell-shaped Crimbo cookie
berries of suffering
Better Than Cuddling Cake
birthday party jellybean cheesecake
bishop cookie
Black Angus blackburger
black forest cake
black forest ham
black pudding
blob-shaped Crimbo cookie
blood roll-up
blood sausage
blood snowcone
blood-soaked sponge cake
blue velvet cake
blueberry muffin
blueberry-frosted king cake
blunt cat claw
bone meal
boring spaghetti
Boris's key lime pie
bowl of Bounty-Os
bowl of cottage cheese
bowl of eyeballs
bowl of fishysoisse
bowl of lucky charms
bowl of maggots
bowl of mernudo
bowl of mummy guts
bowl of oriole's nest soup
bowl of rye sprouts
bowl of Tastee-Wheet™
bowl of topioca
Brain Food Pastaco
brain-meltingly-hot chicken wings
brains casserole
bran muffin
bread line
bread roll
breakfast mess
breakfast miracle
Brimstone Chicken Sandwich
brown sugar cane
browser cookie
buñuelos Jaliscos
bucket of honey
bunch of square grapes
C.H.U.M. chum
cactus fruit
campfire baked potato
campfire beans
campfire hot dog
campfire s'more
campfire stew
can of Adultwitch™
can of franks 'n' beans
can of sardines
can-shaped gelatinous cranberry sauce
candied pecan
candied sweet potatoes
candied yams
candy cane
candy carrot
candy carrot cake
candy kneecapping stick
candy mountain oyster
candy stake
carob brownies
carob chunk cookies
carob chunk noodles
carob chunks
carrot cake
catgut taco
centipede eggs
chaos popcorn
cherry pie
Children's Meal of the Damned
Choco-Mint patty
chocolate "Phoenix"
chocolate chip muffin
chocolate Ogre Chieftain
chocolate Spider Queen
chocolate-covered scarab beetle
chocolate-frosted king cake
chorizo brownies
chorizo taco
cinnamon cannoli
club sandwich
cob of corn
cocktail onion
cocoa eggshell fragment
cold hi mein
cold mashed potatoes
congratulatory cake
cookie cookie
Cool Brunch Pastaco
cool cat claw
cool jelly donut
cool mushroom
cool mushroom casserole
corned-beef Reuben
cranberry cylinder
crappy brain
crazy little Turkish delight
cream of pointy mushroom soup
Crepes a la Lune
Crimbo pie
Crimbo salad
Crimboysters Rockefeller
cursed black pearl onion
cursed sea biscuit
custard pie
D roll
dead lights pie
dead meat bun
decent brain
dehydrated caviar
delicious noodles
delicious salad
delicious spicy noodles
delicious star salad
delicious swamp muck
deluxe layer cake
denastified haunch
desiccated apricot
devil hair pasta
devil's-food cake
deviled egg
digital key lime pie
dinner roll
Dinsey food-cone
dire fudgesicle
disco biscuit
Double Bacon Beelzeburger
dragon snaps
Dreadsylvanian cold pocket
Dreadsylvanian hot pocket
Dreadsylvanian shepherd's pie
Dreadsylvanian sleaze pocket
Dreadsylvanian spooky pocket
Dreadsylvanian stew
Dreadsylvanian stink pocket
drippy caviar
drippy nugget
drippy plum(?)
druidic s'more
dwarf bread
edible alien plant bit
eldritch mushroom
eldritch mushroom pizza
Eldritch snap
elf army field rations
Elfin shortbread
elven limbos gingerbread
elven hardtack
enchanted bean burrito
Energy Buzz Pastaco
enticing mayolus
Every Day is Like This Sundae
exotic jungle fruit
expired can of franks 'n' beans
extra-flat panini
extra-greasy slider
extra-toasted half sandwich
fancy beef jerky
fancy canapés
FantasyRealm turkey leg
FDKOL hotcakes
festive sausage
fettucini épines Inconnu
fettucini Inconnu
fiery wing
filet of The Fish
fine aged cheddarwurst
fireman's lunch
fishy fish
fishy fish casserole
fishy fish lasagna
flaming mushroom
flan del mar
flavorless gruel
fleetwood mac 'n' cheese
flower petal pie
foie gras
forbidden danish
forbidden sausage
fortune cookie
frat brats
fricasseed brains
frozen banquet
frozen danish
frozen mushroom
fudge bunny
fusilli marrownarrow
gallon of milk
ghost cucumber
ghost pepper
ghostly ectoplasm
ghuol egg
ghuol egg quiche
ghuol guolash
ghuol-ear kabob
giant grain of protein powder
giant green gummi bear
giant heirloom grape tomato
giant marshmallow
giant red gummi bear
giant yellow gummi bear
gingerbread bugbear
gingerbread horror
gingerbread mug
gingerbread mutant bugbear
gingerbread robot
glass of raw eggs
glistening fish meat
glob of cream cheese
gloomy black mushroom
glowing fungus
gnat lasagna
gnatloaf casserole
gnocchetti di Nietzsche
goat cheese
goat cheese pizza
goat cheese taco
good brain
gooey lava globs
government cheese
green and red bean
green bean casserole
green drunki-bear
green hamhock
green-iced sweet roll
grilled cheese sandwich
grilled mooseflank
grue egg omelette
gunky chicken
gunpowder burrito
haggis-wrapped haggis-stuffed haggis
half double fruitcake
ham steak
hamlet sandwich
handful of nuts and berries
handful of walnuts
Happy Birthday, Claude! cake
hardboiled egg
haunted cherry pie
haunted Hell ramen
haunted orange
haunted pizza
heart-shaped candy whetstone
Hell broth
Hell ramen
herb brownies
herbal stuffing
hibiscus petal
Hide-rox™ cookie
high-calorie sugar substitute
holiday cheese log
hot buttered roll
hot date
hot hi mein
hot wing
humble pie
Humpty Dumplings
hushed puppy
ice cream sandwich
ice harvest
ice rice
iceberg lettuce
igloo pie
incredible pizza
initiative shawarma
insanely spicy bean burrito
insanely spicy enchanted bean burrito
insanely spicy jumping bean burrito
irradiated candy cane
Jarlsberg's key lime pie
java cookie
jerky coins
jive turkey leg
jumbo olive
jumping bean burrito
jumping bean taco
jumping horseradish
jungle floor wax
juniper berries
junk food
karma shawarma
king cookie
knight cookie
Knob jelly donut
knob ka-bobs
Knob lo mein
Knob mushroom
Knob nuts
Knob pasty
Knob sausage
Knob sausage stir-fry
Knob shroomkabob
Knob stir-fry
Knob stroganoff
Knob stuffed shells
Knoll lo mein
Knoll mushroom
Knoll shroomkabob
Knoll stir-fry
knuckle sandwich
Kudzu salad
large cocoa eggshell fragment
laser-broiled pear
lava cake
leftover canapés
leftover pasty
leftovers sandwich
lemon meringue pie
lemon popsicle
licorice garrote
lihc eye pie
limp broccoli
linguini immondizia bianco
linguini of the sea
liver and let pie
liver popsicle
loaf of alien bread
loaf of soda bread
Lobster qua Grill
long pork casserole
long pork chop sandwiches
long pork lasagna
Lord of the Flies-sized fries
Lucky Surprise Egg
Ludovico Pastaco
magical baguette
magical sausage
mana curds
mana-basted tofurkey leg
mana-coated yams
mana-fortified cranberry sauce
mana-stuffed herbal stuffing
mashed potatoes
Medical Pastaco
menudo ravioli
mime army rations
mince pie
mind flayer corpse
Miserable Pie
mixed wildflower greens
mole molé
Moon Pie
moose chocolate
moosemeat pie
Mornington crescent roll
mouth-watering mayolus
Mr. Burnsger
Mt. McLargeHuge oyster
muffled muffuletta
mushroom filet
mushroom pizza
nachos of the night
nanite-infested candy cane
nanite-infested fruitcake
nanite-infested gingerbread bugbear
natto pocky
neutron lollipop
nut-shaped Crimbo cookie
nutty organic salad
occult jelly donut
oily golden mushroom
ojo de pez burrito
old chum
olive lo mein
olive stir-fry
orange popsicle
packet of beer nuts
packet of tofurkey gravy
painful penne pasta
papaya taco
party platter for one
pat of butter
pawn cookie
PB&J with the crusts cut off
peach pie
pear tart
pecan pie
penguin focaccia bread
peppermint patty
personalized birthday cake
petit 4.1
petit fortran
philosopher's scone
phish stick
pickled egg
pie man was not meant to eat
piece of wedding cake
pigeon egg
pineapple slab
pink slime
piping organ pie
pirate fork
pixel banana
pixel lemon
plain bagel
plain pizza
plain snowcone
plate of Frigid Northern Beans
plate of Heimz Fortified Kidney Beans
plate of Hellfire Spicy Beans
plate of Mixed Garbanzos and Chickpeas
plate of Pork 'n' Pork 'n' Pork 'n' Beans
plate of Shrub's Premium Baked Beans
plate of Tesla's Electroplated Beans
plate of Trader Olaf's Exotic Stinkbeans
plate of Val-U Brand Every Bean Salad
plate of World's Blackest-Eyed Peas
plumber's lunch
pointy mushroom
poisonous caviar
popular tart
powdered donut
pr0n cocktail
pr0n m4nic0tti
pr0n stir-fry
pr0n taco
prescription noodles
primitive alien salad
primitive candy cane
protein paste
pumpkin pie
purple pixel pie
quantum taco
queen cookie
questionable taco
rack of dinosaur ribs
radio button candy
rat appendix kabob
rat appendix stir-fry
rat scrapple
ravioli della hippy
raw bread
raw cranberry sauce
raw gravy
raw green beans
raw mincemeat
raw potato
raw stuffing
raw sweet potato
raw turkey
red drunki-bear
red velvet cake
Retenez L'Herbe Paté
ridiculous sandwich
roasted duck
roasted marshmallow
robin flan
rocky road ice cream
rook cookie
rotting beefsteak
royal jelly
royal jelly taco
salacious crumbs
salt plum
sandwich of the gods
sausage pizza
sausage without a cause
sausage wonton
savoy truffle
sea avocado
sea blueberry
sea broccoli
sea carrot
sea cauliflower
sea cucumber
sea honeydew
sea lychee
sea persimmon
sea radish
sea tangelo
sea truffle
seared dino steak
shadowy cat claw
sheet cake
shells a la shellfish
shoo-fish pie
shrapnel jelly donut
shushed potatoes
single-serving herbal stuffing
six tiny wedges of goat cheese
skeleton quiche
skewered cat appendix
skull-shaped Crimboween cookie
sleazy hi mein
slice of pizza
slick fish meat
slimy sweetbreads
smashed danish
smelted roe
Sneaky Pete's key lime pie
snow berries
snow crab
space chowder
space jam toast
spaghetti breakfast
spaghetti con calaveras
spaghetti with ghost balls
Spaghetti with Moonballs
spaghetti with Skullheads
Spam Witch sammich
spectral pickle
spicy bean burrito
spicy enchanted bean burrito
spicy jumping bean burrito
spicy mushroom quesadilla
spicy noodles
spiritual candy cane
spiritual fruitcake
spiritual gingerbread
sponge cake
spooky hi mein
spooky lo mein
spooky mushroom
spooky shroomkabob
spooky stir-fry
Spooky Surprise Egg
squirmy violent party snack
stale baguette
stale Cheer-E-Os
stalk of asparagus
standard-issue cupcake
star key lime pie
stinky hi mein
stinky mushroom
stolen sushi
stomach turnover
strawberry pie
strawberry popsicle
Strix stix
stuffed spooky mushroom
stunt nuts
succulent marrow
suggestive strozzapreti
sun-dried tofu
super ka-bob
super salad
Swedish massage fish
sweet party mix
sweet roll Alabama
t8r tots
Taco Dan's Basic Taco Dan Taco
Taco Dan's Taco Fish Fish Taco
Taco Dan's Taco Stand Taco
tasty tart
tempura avocado
tempura broccoli
tempura carrot
tempura cauliflower
tempura cucumber
tempura green and red bean
tempura radish
thanksgiving turkey
The Plumber's mushroom stew
They liver popsicle
This Charming Flan
three-tiered wedding cake
throbbing organ pie
thyme jelly donut
tin cup of mulligan stew
tin of submardines
tiny frozen prehistoric meteorite jawbreaker
toast with cold jelly
toast with hot jelly
toast with jam
toast with sleaze jelly
toast with spooky jelly
toast with stench jelly
toasted brie
tobiko pocky
toe jam toast
tofu casserole
tofu stir-fry
tofu taco
tofu wonton
tofurkey gravy
tofurkey leg
tofurkey nugget
tombstone-shaped Crimboween cookie
traditional Crimbo cookie
traffic jam toast
tree-shaped Crimbo cookie
triangular CRIMBCOOKIE
Trollhouse cookies
tube of cranberry Go-Goo
turkish mostaccioli
ultra-deluxe cupcake
unappetizing mayolus
uncooked chorizo
unfinished fruitcake
unfortunate dumplings
unidentifiable dried fruit
unidentified jerky
uninteresting mayolus
urinal cake
Valentine's Day cake
vampire chowder
vanilla-frosted king cake
very hot lunch
vinegar-soaked lemon slice
VYKEA meatballs
walrus ice cream
warbear feasting bread
warbear gyro
warbear thermoregulator bread
warbear warrior bread
warm gravy
warm mushroom
warm war shawarma
wasabi pocky
water log
wax pancake
wedge of gray cheese
weird gazelle steak
wet stew
white chocolate and tomato pizza
white chocolate chip brownies
white chocolate chip cookies
white chocolate chips
White Citadel burger
White Citadel fries
white rice
whole roasted chicken
whole turkey leg
wild honey pie
witch's bread
wreath-shaped Crimbo cookie
Xiblaxian ultraburrito
yam candy
Yeg's Motel pillow mint
yellow drunki-bear
yellow matter custard
yule gruel