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Booze Items

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List of Booze Items
All of the booze items in the game

  Item Name
5-hour acrimony
a little sump'm sump'm
accidental cider
Acqua Del Piatto Merlot
Acque Luride Grezze Cabernet
Afternoon Delight
Agitated Turkey
Alewife™ Ale
Ambitious Turkey
Amnesiac Ale
antique beer
around the world
artisanal limoncello
asbestos thermos
Aura Libre
Aye Aye
Aye Aye, Captain
Aye Aye, Tooth Tooth
backwoods screwdriver
bad rum and good cola
banana daiquiri
bark rootbeer
barrel-aged martini
Bartles and BRAAAINS wine cooler
Barulio's bottle
basic martini
beaver punch (cherry)
beaver punch (papaya)
beaver punch (peach)
beery blood
Beignet Milgranet
berry-infused sake
bilge wine
black & tan
black brandy
Black Hole
Blackfly Chardonnay
blended frozen swill
blended frozen swill with a fly in it
blood and blood
Blood Light
blood-red mushroom wine
bloody beer
bloody kiwitini
bloody mary
Bloody Nora
bone aperitif
Bone's Farm "wine"
boot flask
booze-soaked cherry
Bordeaux Marteaux
bottle of Amontillado
bottle of Bloodweiser
bottle of Calcutta Emerald
bottle of cooking sherry
bottle of Crimbognac
bottle of dark rhum
bottle of Definit
bottle of Domesticated Turkey
bottle of drinkin' gas
bottle of Evermore
bottle of extra-dark rhum
bottle of Fishhead 900-Day IPA
bottle of fruity "wine"
bottle of gin
bottle of Greedy Dog
bottle of Jorge Sinsonte
bottle of Lambada Lambic
bottle of laundry sherry
bottle of Lieutenant Freeman
bottle of norwhiskey
bottle of Old Pugilist
bottle of Ooze-O
bottle of peppermint schnapps
bottle of Pete's Sake
bottle of Pinot Renoir
bottle of popskull
bottle of Professor Beer
bottle of Race Car Red
bottle of Rapier Witbier
bottle of realpagne
bottle of rum
bottle of sake
bottle of Sanguiovese
bottle of sea wine
bottle of sewage schnapps
bottle of single-barrel whiskey
bottle of super-extra-dark rhum
bottle of tequila
bottle of vodka
bottle of whiskey
bottle of wine
Bowl of Scorpions
boxed champagne
boxed wine
breaded beer
Breakfast Blast wine cooler
broberry brogurt
brocolate brogurt
bucket of wine
bungle in the jungle
Bustle Hustler
Buttery Boy
Buttery Knob
buzzing mushroom wine
calle de miel
calle de miel with a fly in it
can of Brütalbräu
can of Drooling Monk
can of Impetuous Scofflaw
can of Swiller
can of the cheapest beer
Candy Alexander
canteen of wine
carrot claret
Cement Mixer
Centauri fish wine
Chakra Libre
chakra-mental wine
cheap Chinese beer
cherry bomb
Cherrytastrophe wine cooler
Cinco Mayo Lager
Citrus Crush wine cooler
citrus-infused sake
Cobb's Knob Wurstbrau
Cobra Bowl
Cold One
complex mushroom wine
cool mushroom wine
Corpse Island iced tea
corpse on the beach
cranberry schnapps
cream stout
cruelty-free wine
crystal skeleton vodka
CSA cheerfulness ration
CSA scoutmaster's "water"
cup of primitive beer
cursed bottle of black-label rum
cursed bottle of rum
Cursed Punch
Dark & Starry
day-old beer
decanter of fine Scotch
dew yoana lei
dew yoana salacious lei
Dinsey Whinskey
dirt julep
dirty martini
distilled fortified wine
Doc Clock's thyme cocktail
double entendre
Drac & Tan
Dreadsylvanian cold-fashioned
Dreadsylvanian dank and stormy
Dreadsylvanian grimlet
Dreadsylvanian hot toddy
Dreadsylvanian slithery nipple
dream of a dog
drippy pilsner
drive-by shooting
Drunken Astrophysicist
Drunken Neurologist
Drunken Philosopher
dry martini
dry vodka martini
ducha de oro
Dump Truck
dusty bottle of blood
dusty bottle of Marsala
dusty bottle of Merlot
dusty bottle of Muscat
dusty bottle of Pinot Noir
dusty bottle of Port
dusty bottle of Zinfandel
Earth and Firewater
Earth, Wind and Firewater
eighth plague
eldritch distillate
eldritch elixir
eldritch extract
Electric Punch
electric snakebite
elemental caipiroska
elven cellocello
elven moonshine
elven squeeze
emergency margarita
En Una Fila Tequila
especially salty dog
Event Horizon
everfull glass
executive mime flask
expensive champagne
expired bottle of peppermint schnapps
Extra-slimy Slimosa
extra-spicy bloody mary
extremely slippery nipple
Falcon™ Maltese Liquor
Fantasma en la Máquina
FantasyRealm mead
Fauna Libre
Feliz Navidad
Ferita Del Petto Zinfandel
fine wine
Flamin' Whatshisname
Flaming Caipiranha
Flaming Knob
Flaming Mohobo
flaming mushroom wine
Flaming Sazerorc
flask of Amontillado
flask of moonshine
flask of port
flat cider
flat mushroom wine
flute of flat champagne
Flying Caipiranha
Fog Murderer
fountain 'soda'
French bronilla brogurt
Friendly Turkey
Fromage Pinotage
fruity girl swill
Fuzzy Tentacle
gamma nog
Ghiaccio Colada
ghost beer
giant glass of brandy
gin and tonic
Gin Mint
gin-soaked blotter paper
ginger beer
gingerbread wine
glass of bourbon
glass of drippy wine
glass of herbal tequila
gloomy mushroom wine
Gnollish sangria
Gnomish sagngria
Gold Velvet™ whiskey
Golden Mean
Gordon Bennett
Gratitude chocolate (bourbon-filled)
great old fashioned
Great Older Fashioned
green beer
Green Burlap
green eggnog
Green Giant
Green Manalishi
Green Muslin
Green Velvet
Grimacite Bock
gunner's daughter
hacked gibson
haunted bottle of vodka
haunted eggnog
haunted gimlet
haunted martini
hell in a bucket
Herring Daiquiri
Herring Wallbanger
high-end ginger wine
Highest Bitter
hipster cocktail
Hodgman's blanket
honey mead
horizontal tango
hot mint schnocolate
hot watered rum
Hundred Headed IPA
Ice Island Long Tea
ice porter
ice wine
ice-cold fotie
ice-cold Sir Schlitz
ice-cold Willer
iced plum wine
icy mushroom wine
Imp Ale
improved martini
Irish Coffee, English Heart
Island Hurricane
Island Landslide
Island Thunderstorm
Jack-O-Lantern beer
jar of fermented pickle juice
jar of squeeze
Jeppson's Malort
jug of booze
Jungle Juice
junk yard
knob mushroom wine
knoll mushroom wine
La Fantasma y La Oscuridad
large tankard of ale
legitimate business on the beach
literal grasshopper
Lollipop Drop
London frog
low tide martini
lumbering jack
Lumineux Limnio
lychee chuhai
Mad Train wine
Mae West
Mae West with a fly in it
magnum of fancy champagne
Maiali Sifilitici Pinot Noir
mandarina colada
mandarina colada with a fly in it
marshmallow flambé
McLeod's Hard Haggis-Ade
McMillicancuddy's Special Lager
melon-infused sake
melted Jell-o shot
mentholated wine
mid-level medieval mead
Middle of the Road™ brand whiskey
mime army wine
Mint Yulep
Miss Graves' vermouth
missing wine
Mon Tiki
monkey wrench
moonberry wine cooler
Moonshine Mohobo
Moonthril Schnapps
More Humanitini than Humanitini
Morlock's Mark Bourbon
morning dew
Morto Moreto
mourning wine
Mt. Noob Pale Ale
mulled berry wine
mulled blood
mulled cider
mulled hobo wine
Murderer's Punch
mushroom whiskey
Mysterious Island iced tea
N. O. Beer
nanite-infested eggnog
natto-infused sake
neg grog
nega-mushroom wine
New Zealand iced tea
non-aged vinegar
ocean motion
Oh, the Humanitini
oily mushroom wine
open sauce
Orangemageddon wine cooler
Oreille Divisée brandy
Otorian Battle Scar
overpowering mushroom wine
overpriced "imported" beer
Paint A Vulgar Pitcher
painting of a glass of wine
Pan-Dimensional Gargle Blaster
papaya sling
papaya slung
parisian cathouse
party beer bomb
perfect cosmopolitan
perfect dark and stormy
perfect mimosa
perfect negroni
perfect old-fashioned
perfect paloma
perpendicular hula
perpendicular hula with a fly in it
Phil Collins
pink pony
pixel beer
pixel daiquiri
Plague of Locusts
plain old beer
plastic cup of beer
plum wine
pointy mushroom wine
premium malt liquor
primitive alien booze
prussian cathouse
prussian cathouse with a fly in it
Psychotic Train wine
pumpkin beer
punch-drunk punch
purple corpsel
rabbit punch
Racisto Ruidoso
Radberry Rip wine cooler
Ralph IX cognac
Ram's Face Lager
red ale
Red Dwarf
red red wine
red rum
Red Russian
red-headed corpse
red-hot boilermaker
regular-size brogurt
reverse Tantalus
ridiculous cocktail
robin nog
rocket fuel
rockin' wagon
rockin' wagon with a fly in it
rodeo whiskey
roll in the hay
Rompedores de Fantasmas
rum and cola
runny fermented egg
Russian Ice
Sacramento wine
Saison du Lune
salacious lychee chuhai
salacious screwdiver
salinated mint julep
salt plum sake
salty dog
salty slug
Sangria de Menthe
sangria del diablo
Schrödinger's thermos
Scorpion Bowl
scotch on the rocks
sham champagne
shining goblet
shot of blackberry schnapps
shot of flower schnapps
shot of grapefruit schnapps
Shot of Kardashian Gin
shot of mescal
shot of nepenthe schnapps
shot of orange schnapps
shot of peach schnapps
shot of pear schnapps
shot of rotgut
Shot of the Living Dead
shot of tomato schnapps
Siberian sunrise
Silver Bullet beer
Simepore slime
single entendre
single swig of vodka
Sizzling Sinner
Skull Punch
slap and slap again
slap and tickle
slap and tickle with a fly in it
slimy fermented bile bladder
slip 'n' slide
Slippery Knob
Sloe Comfortable Zoo
Sloe Comfortable Zoo on Fire
slug of rum
slug of shochu
slug of vodka
smooth mushroom wine
Smuggler's Punch
snifter of thoroughly aged brandy
soft green echo eyedrop antidote martini
soy cordial
soyburger juice
space port
space wine
Spasmi Dolorosi Del Rene Champagne
spiced rum
spiritual eggnog
splendid martini
spooky eggnog
spooky mushroom wine
stale cheer wine
stealth bomber
stepmom's booze
stinky mushroom wine
strawberry daiquiri
strawberry wine
Strikes Again Bigmouth
Suffering Sinner
super-size brogurt
Supernova Champagne
Suppurating Sinner
swirling mushroom wine
Taco Dan's Taco Stand Chimichangarita
tangarita with a fly in it
tankard of ale
Temps Tempranillo
teqiwila slammer
tequila sunrise
tequila sunset
tequila with training wheels
Tequiz Navidad
The Cooler Out of Space
The Mad Liquor
thermos full of Knob coffee
Third Base
thistle wine
Thriller Ice
tobiko-infused sake
tomato daiquiri
Transylvania Sling
TRIO cup of beer
tropical swill
Turtle Bowl
twice-haunted screwdriver
two meat muck
Typical Tavern swill
unflavored wine cooler
unidentified drink
unnamed cocktail
unquiet spirits
Uovo Marcio Shiraz
used beer
very fancy whiskey
vintage smart drink
vodka and cranberry
vodka and tonic
vodka barracuda
vodka gibson
vodka martini
Vodka Matryoshka
vodka stinger
vodka stratocaster
VYKEA mead
warbear bearserker mead
warbear blizzard mead
warbear feasting mead
wasabi-infused sake
water purification pills
wax booze
Wet Russian
whiskey and cola
whiskey and soda
whiskey bittersweet
whiskey in a broken glass
whiskey sour
whiskey squeeze
white Canadian
white Dreadsylvanian
White Hyborian
white lightning
white wine
white Xanadian
wine spritzer
world's most unappetizing beverage
Wrecked Generator
Xiblaxian space-whiskey
Ye Olde Meade
yellow brick road