The Kingdom of Loathing
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List of Combat Items
All combat items in the game

  Item Name
30669 scroll
33398 scroll
334 scroll
4-d camera
4:20 bomb
64067 scroll
668 scroll
alpine watercolor set
ancient poisoned dart
ancient spice
anemone nematocyst
angry inch
anise-flavored venom
antique hand mirror
Artist's Butterknife of Regret
Artist's Cookie Cutter of Loneliness
Artist's Crème Brulée Torch of Fury
Artist's Spatula of Despair
Artist's Whisk of Misery
baconstone-handled sixgun
bag of airline peanuts
bag of gross foreign snacks
ballpark hot daub
banana peel
banana spritzer
barbed-wire fence
bargain flash powder
Battlie Light Saver
beer bomb
big boom
big glob of skin
big red button
black BRICKO brick
black pepper
black plastic oyster egg
black spot
blob of wood glue
blue pixel potion
blue plastic oyster egg
blue potion
blue raspberry troll doll
blue shell
bobcat grenade
Bohemian rhapsody
bomb of unknown origin
book of matches
bottle of alcohol
bottle of Monsieur Bubble
bottled swamp gas
bowling ball
box of hammers
brass abacus
brass gear
brick of sand
BRICKO reactor
broken BRICKO brick
broken glass grenade
bronze handcuffs
bronzed locust
bubbly potion
bundle of "fragrant" herbs
burning newspaper
bus pass
can of Ghuol-B-Gone™
can of sterno
candycaine powder
carton of rotten eggs
cartoon heart
chainsaw chain
chaos butterfly
Chinese curse words
chipotle wasabi cilantro aioli
chlorine crystal
chloroform rag
chocolate frosted sugar bomb
chunk of hot iron
cigarette lighter
cinnamon troll doll
classy monkey
clingfilm tangle
Cloaca grenade
cloudy potion
clumsiness bark
clutch of dodecapede eggs
cocktail napkin
cold clusterbomb
Colon Annihilation Hot Sauce
communications windchimes
cool spore pod
cow poker
crappy camera
crazy hobo notebook
croquet hedgehog
crude voodoo doll
crystal skull
CSA obedience grenade
cup of hickory chicory
cursed cannonball
cursed dirty joke scroll
cursed voodoo skull
custom sixgun
daily dungeon malware
dangerous jerkcicle
dark potion
death blossom
depantsing bomb
dinged-up triangle
disposable instant camera
divine blowout
divine can of silly string
divine champagne popper
divine cracker
divine noisemaker
Doc Galaktik's Ailment Ointment
Doc Galaktik's Homeopathic Elixir
Doc Galaktik's Pungent Unguent
Doc Galaktik's Restorative Balm
Dreadsylvanian seed pod
drone self-destruct chip
droopy doll eye
droppable microphone
Drunkula's bell
dumb mud
Duskwalker syringe
Dyspepsi grenade
ear poison
effervescent potion
Egnaro berry
El Vibrato punchcard (104 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (115 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (129 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (142 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (165 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (176 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (182 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (213 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (216 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (88 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (97 holes)
El Vibrato restraints
electronics kit
exploding cigar
exploding gum
exploding hacky-sack
extra-strength red potion
extremely confusing manual
fabric softener
facehugging alien
facsimile dictionary
fancy bath salts
fancy blue potion
fancy dress ball
fat bottom quark
fat stacks of cash
ferret bait
fetid feather
filthy poultice
finger cuffs
fire of unknown origin
fizzing spore pod
fizzy potion
flaming feather
flirtatious feather
floorboard cruft
forest tears
frightful feather
frigid ninja stars
Frosty's iceball
frozen feather
gas balloon
gas can
gauze garter
ghost protocol
ghost trap
gingerbread cigarette
gingerbread restraining order
glark cable
glowing New Age crystal
glowing spore pod
Glum berry
Gnomitronic Hyperspatial Demodulizer
gob of wet hair
gold star
Golden Kokomo Resort Chip
Golden Light
golden plastic oyster egg
golden ring
Goodfella contract
grain of sand
grape troll doll
grass clippings
great big capacitor
Great Wolf's lice
green BRICKO brick
green pixel potion
green smoke bomb
grody jug
grouchy restless spirit
groupie lipstick
half-empty carton of milk
half-rotten brain
hamethyst-handled sixgun
hand grenegg
handful of bees
handful of napalm
handful of sand
handful of sawdust
Handsome Devil
hard spore pod
high-pressure seltzer bottle
HOA citation pad
holy bomb, batman
hot ashes
hot clusterbomb
hot spore pod
human musk
ice hotel bell
ice house
ice skate decoy
ice-cold Cloaca Zero
illegal firecracker
imitation crab meat
imp air
ingot turtle
ink bladder
intact anemone spike
jagged scrap metal
jam band bootleg
Jamocha berry
janitor sponge
jar full of wind
jar of swamp gas
jigsaw blade
jingling spore pod
Keese berry
killing feather
killing jar
Knob Goblin firecracker
Knob Goblin seltzer
Knob Goblin stink bomb
Knob Goblin superseltzer
Kokomo Resort Order Pad
lavender plastic oyster egg
leftovers of indeterminate origin
lewd playing card
little parachute guy
little piece of steel
little red book
live nautical mine
Louder Than Bomb
LOV Enamorang
macrame net
mafia filofax
magical mystery juice
magnolia blossom
makeshift sixgun
mariachi G-string
Massive Manual of Marauder Mockery
mauve plastic oyster egg
Mayor Ghost's scissors
meat vortex
melty plastic grenade
memory of a CA base pair
memory of a CG base pair
memory of a CT base pair
memory of a GT base pair
memory of an AG base pair
memory of an AT base pair
Mer-kin healscroll
Mer-kin killscroll
Mer-kin mouthsoap
Mer-kin pinkslip
Mer-kin sawdust
milky potion
mime eraser
miniature boiler
Miniborg beeper
Miniborg Destroy-O-Bot
Miniborg hiveminder
Miniborg laser
Miniborg stomper
Miniborg strangler
Mob Penguin cellular phone
molotov cocktail cocktail
molten scrap metal
monomolecular yo-yo
Mountain Stream soda
murderbot live wire
murky potion
mylar scout drone
Nadsat berry
nasty-smelling moss
naughty paper shuriken
New Age healing crystal
New Age hurting crystal
New Cloaca-Cola
noxious gas grenade
nuclear stockpile
nugget of sodium
odor extractor
off-white plastic oyster egg
oily boid
old school beer pull tab
onion shurikens
opium grenade
ornate picture frame
overloaded micro-reactor
oversized snowflake
ovoid leather thing
pacification grenade
PADL Phone
paint bomb
painted turtle
pair of scissors
paisley spore pod
palm-frond fan
palm-frond net
paperclip sproinger
patchouli incense stick
patchouli oil bomb
Pecos Dave's sixgun
pencil kunai
pencil stub
peppermint crook
peppermint parasol
petrified wood
photoprotoneutron torpedo
pile of sand
pink-belly slapper
pint of sweat
pixel cross
pixel energy tank
pixel holy water
pixel stopwatch
plaid bandage
plastic cup of flat beer
plot hole
pog #01 (spider)
pog #02 (Knob goblin)
pog #03 (warwelf)
pog #04 (skleleton)
pog #05 (ninja snowman)
pog #06 (filthy hippy)
pog #07 (orcish frat boy)
pog #08 (hellion)
pog #09 (pirate)
pog #10 (hobo)
pog #11 (Naughty Sorceress)
pool of liquid metal
pool torpedo
porquoise-handled sixgun
portable photocopier
portable table
possessed tomato
possessed top
powdered madness
powdered organs
print screen button
procrastination potion
puce plastic oyster egg
pufferfish spine
pumpkin bomb
pygmy blowgun
quantum nanopolymer spider web
rainbow bomb
rattler rattle
razor-sharp can lid
razor-tipped yo-yo
realistic cap gun
really nice net
really really sticky spider web
really sticky spider web
red button
red pixel potion
red plastic oyster egg
red potion
reliable sixgun
replica bat-oomerang
Riker's Search History
rinky-dink sixgun
robotronic egg
rocky raccoon
rogue swarmer
roller skate decoy
round blue bomb
rusty bonesaw
sake bomb
samurai turtle
sausage bomb
sawblade fragment
scented massage oil
scroll of ancient forbidden unspeakable evil
sea cowbell
sea lasso
seal tooth
sealhide snare
sew-on bandage
sharpened hubcap
shaving cream
short calculator
short writ of habeas corpus
shrinking powder
shuriken salad
Sitrep berry
skate skates
skull with a fuse in it
Skullhead's Screw
sleaze clusterbomb
slime stack
small golem
small pile of sand
smoking grass
smoky potion
Snarf berry
software glitch
soggy used band-aid
soup turtle
space invader
Space Tours Tripple
spangly unitard
sparking El Vibrato drone
special clip: boneburners
special clip: graveburpers
special clip: splatterers
special clip: squelchers
special clip: tracers
special clip: wailers
spectral jelly
spectre scepter
spider web
spooky alphabet block
spooky clusterbomb
spooky lasso
spooky music box mechanism
Spooky Putty sheet
star throwing star
stench clusterbomb
stick of dynamite
stone frisbee
stuffed alien blob
stuffed doppelshifter
stuffed gray blob
stuffing fluffer
superamplified boom box
superduperheated metal
surgical tape
swirly potion
T.U.R.D.S. Key
tangle of rat tails
Tapioc berry
tattered scrap of paper
tennis ball
tequila grenade
terrible poem
The Big Book of Pirate Insults
The Bomb
The Lost Comb
The Six-Pack of Pain
thick walrus blubber
throwing candy
throwing fork
throwing knife
throwing spoon
time shuriken
tin snips
tiny bomb
tiny goth giant
Tom's of the Spanish Main Toothpaste
tongue depressor
toy deathbot
toy mercenary
toy sixgun
toy soldier
tree-eating kite
tropical orchid
tryptophan dart
tube of herbal ointment
turtle-shaped rock
twisted piece of wire
unbearable light
underwater slingshot
unfinished ice sculpture
unnatural gas
unrefined Mountain Stream syrup
unstable laser battery
veiny spore pod
very large caltrop
very small red dress
vial of holy water
vial of patchouli oil
viral video
wand of pigification
water pipe bomb
Way More Tears™ pepper spray
whimpering willow bark
white picket fence
Winifred's whistle
wood screw
wumpus-hair bolo
wumpus-hair net
wussiness potion
Ye Olde Medieval Insult
yellow plastic oyster egg
Zombo's empty eye