The Kingdom of Loathing
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List of Displayable Items
All items that can be put into a display case.

  Item Name
"DEBBIE" tattoo kit
"DRINK ME" potion
"honey" dipper
"Humorous" T-shirt
"KICK ME" sign
"meat" stick
"Remember the Trees" Shirt
'Villa' document
1,970 carat gold
1.21 jigawatts
1/6th Pound Cake
100-Watt bulb
1337 7r0uZ0RZ
18-picohertz resonator crystal
1952 Mickey Mantle card
25-meat staff
30669 scroll
33398 scroll
334 scroll
37x37x37 puzzle cube
4-d camera
4-dimensional fez
4-dimensional guitar
4:20 bomb
5-Alarm Saucepan
5-hour acrimony
64067 scroll
668 scroll
7-Foot Dwarven mattock
7-inch discus
8-billed baseball cap
8-bit banana
99.44% pure math
A Beginner's Guide to Charming Snakes
A Beginner's Guide to Charming Snakes (used)
a bug's lymph
a butt tuba
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 1
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 1 (used)
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2 (used)
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 3
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 3 (used)
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 4
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 4 (used)
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 5
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 5 (used)
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 6
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 6 (used)
a cute angel
A Guide to Safari
A Light that Never Goes Out
a little sump'm sump'm
A muse-bouche
a suspicious address
A. W. O. L. commendation
abandoned candy
abominable blubber
abominable snowcone
absentee voter ballot
abstraction: action
abstraction: category
abstraction: certainty
abstraction: comprehension
abstraction: joy
abstraction: motion
abstraction: perception
abstraction: purpose
abstraction: sensation
abstraction: thought
abyssal battle plans
Abyssal ember
acceptable bagel
acceptable mayolus
accidental cider
accidental mutton
accord ion
accordion file
Accordion of Jordion
accordionoid rocca
acid-squirting flower
acoustic guitarrr
Acqua Del Piatto Merlot
Acque Luride Grezze Cabernet
actual blood sausage
actual reality goggles
actual tapas
adder bladder
adhesive tape dolly
Admiral's hat
adorable seal larva
Adventurer bobblehead
adventurer clone egg
aerated diving helmet
aerogel accordion
aerogel akubra
aerogel anvil
aerogel apron
aerogel ascot
aerogel attache case
aerosolized aerogel
Affirmation Cookie
affordable teak perch
Afternoon Delight
Agent Corrigan's cigarette
Agent Mauve
Aggressive Carrot
Agitated Turkey
agnolotti arboli
agua de vida
airblaster gun
airborne mutagen
airplane charter: Conspiracy Island
airplane charter: Dinseylandfill
airplane charter: Spring Break Beach
airplane charter: That 70s Volcano
airplane charter: The Glaciest
airplane tattoo
alabaster bishop
alabaster king
alabaster knight
alabaster pawn
alabaster queen
alabaster rook
alarm accordion
albatross necklace
Aldebaran sardines
Alewife™ Ale
Alexy sauce
Alice's Army Alchemist
Alice's Army booster box
Alice's Army Bowman
Alice's Army Cleric
Alice's Army Coward
Alice's Army Dervish
Alice's Army Foil Alchemist
Alice's Army Foil Bowman
Alice's Army Foil Cleric
Alice's Army Foil Coward
Alice's Army Foil Dervish
Alice's Army Foil Guard
Alice's Army Foil Halberder
Alice's Army Foil Hammerman
Alice's Army Foil Horseman
Alice's Army Foil Lanceman
Alice's Army Foil Mad Bomber
Alice's Army Foil Martyr
Alice's Army Foil Ninja
Alice's Army Foil Nurse
Alice's Army Foil Page
Alice's Army Foil Shieldmaiden
Alice's Army Foil Sniper
Alice's Army Foil Spearsman
Alice's Army Foil Swordsman
Alice's Army Foil tattoo
Alice's Army Foil Wallman
Alice's Army Guard
Alice's Army Halberder
Alice's Army Hammerman
Alice's Army Horseman
Alice's Army Lanceman
Alice's Army Mad Bomber
Alice's Army Martyr
Alice's Army Ninja
Alice's Army Nurse
Alice's Army Page
Alice's Army Shieldmaiden
Alice's Army Sniper
Alice's Army Spearsman
Alice's Army Swordsman
Alice's Army Wallman
alien animal goo
alien animal milk
alien autoautopsy kit
alien drugs
alien force field disruptor bean
alien gemstone
alien hologram projector
alien meat
alien plant fibers
alien plant goo
alien plant pod
alien plant sample
alien protein powder
alien rock sample
alien sandwich
alien source code printout
alien source code printout (used)
alien toenails
alien zoological sample
All-Hallow's Steve's fright wig
all-purpose cleaner
all-purpose flower
all-year sucker
almost-dead walkie-talkie
alpha-mail pants
alphabet gum
alpine watercolor set
Aluminum Epsilon of Humility
amber aviator shades
Ambitious Turkey
ammonite candy mold
ammonite fossil
Amnesiac Ale
amok pudding
amok putter
Amoon-Ra Cowtep's nemes
amphibious tophat
amulet of extreme plot significance
Amulet of Yendor
ancient calendar
ancient calendar fragment
ancient cursed foot locker
ancient frozen dinner
ancient hot dog wrapper
ancient ice cream scoop
ancient Magi-Wipes
ancient medicinal herbs
ancient oil painting of yourself
ancient pills
ancient poisoned dart
Ancient Protector Soda
ancient protein powder
ancient redwood
Ancient Saucehelm
ancient spice
ancient stone fist
ancient stone head
ancient turtle shell
ancient turtle shell helmet
ancient turtle shell powder
ancient unspeakable fruitcake
ancient vinyl coin purse
anemone nematocyst
anemone sauce
anemoney clip
angel-food cake
Angelhair Culottes
anger blaster
Angry Farmer candy
Angry Farmer's Wife Candy
angry inch
angst burger
animal part cracker
anise-flavored venom
Ankh of Badahnkadh
annealed drippy orb
anniversary balloon
anniversary balsa wood socks
anniversary burlap belt
anniversary chutney sculpture
anniversary concrete fedora
anniversary gift box
Anniversary Miniature Sword & Martini Guy
anniversary pewter cape
anniversary safety glass vest
anniversary tiny latex mask
annoying pitchfork
ant agonist
ant antidepressant
ant hoe
ant pick
ant pitchfork
ant rake
ant sickle
Antagonistic Snowman Kit
antimatter wad
antique 8-Bit Power magazine
antique accordion
antique beer
antique bottle of cough syrup
antique bottle opener
antique Canadian lantern
antique greaves
antique hand mirror
antique helmet
antique machete
antique nutcracker beard
antique nutcracker boots
antique nutcracker cape
antique nutcracker drumstick
antique nutcracker epaulets
antique nutcracker figurine
antique nutcracker hat
antique nutcracker pants
antique nutcracker sword
antique nutcracker waistcoat
antique packet of ketchup
antique painting of a landscape
antique pair of blue jeans
antique record album
antique shield
antique souvenir drawing
antique spear
antique spyglass
antique tacklebox
Apathargic Bandersnatch
apathetic lizardman doll
aquamariner's necklace
aquamariner's ring
aquaviolet jub-jub bird
arcanoferric housing
archaeologing shovel
Argarggagarg's fang
arm buzzer
armored prawn
around the world
arrow'd heart balloon
arrrgyle socks
Arrrmetia trading card
arse-a'fire elixir
artisanal hand-squeezed wheatgrass juice
artisanal homebrew gift package
artisanal homebrew sampler
artisanal limoncello
Artist's Butterknife of Regret
Artist's Cookie Cutter of Loneliness
Artist's Crème Brulée Torch of Fury
Artist's Spatula of Despair
Artist's Whisk of Misery
asbestos apron
asbestos crossbow
asbestos crossbow string
asbestos helmet turtle
asbestos meat stack
asbestos ore
asbestos staff
asbestos stick
asbestos sword
asbestos sword hilt
asbestos thermos
ASCII fu manchu
ASCII shirt
Asdon Martin keyfob
ash soda
Asleep in the Cemetery
asparagus knife
asparagus lo mein
asparagus stir-fry
Ass-Stompers of Violence
assassin's cheese knife
asteroid belt
astral badger
astral mushroom
astronaut ice-cream
astronaut pants
Atomic Comic
Atomic Pop
atomic vector plotter
attention spanner
attorney's badge
augmented El Vibrato drone
augmented-reality shades
Aura Libre
Autobiography Of Dynamite Superman Jones (used)
automatic catapult
auxiliary backbone
avatar of the Unconscious Collective
awful poetry journal
Ax of L'rose
Aye Aye
Aye Aye, Captain
Aye Aye, Tooth Tooth
baby bark scorpion
baby camelCalf
baby cuddlefish
baby killer bee
baby oil shooter
backwoods banjo
backwoods screwdriver
bacon bath ball
baconstone bracelet
baconstone earring
baconstone pendant
baconstone ring
baconstone-handled sixgun
bad penguin egg
bad rum and good cola
bad vibroknife
bad-ass club
badass belt
badass pie
badge of authority
badger badge
Bag o' Tricks
bag of airline peanuts
bag of bones
bag of Cheat-Os
bag of foreign bribes
bag of GORF
bag of GORP
bag of grain
bag of gross foreign snacks
bag of Iunion stones
bag of lard
bag of many confections
bag of park garbage
bag of pygmy blood
bag of QWOP
bag of random words
bag of sausage links
bag of unfinished business
bag of W&Ws
bagged Cargo Cultist Shorts
bagged stuffed "L"
baggie of powdered sugar
baggie of regular-sized tardigrades
Baja sopapilla
baked stuffing
bakelite backpack
bakelite badge
bakelite belt
bakelite bits
bakelite bowl
bakelite breeches
bakelite brooch
bakelite-covered bacon
Bal-musette accordion
balaclava baklava
balanced antler
ballast turtle
balloon helmet
balloon monkey
balloon shield
balloon sword
ballpark hot daub
ballroom blintz
baloney rotgut
balsa plank
balsam barrel
bamboo bokuto
banana cream pie
banana daiquiri
banana milkshake
banana peel
banana smoothie
banana spritzer
banana supersucker
banana-frosted king cake
bananarama bangle
Bandolier of the Spaghetti Elemental
baneful bandolier
Banfoy's Boutique Order Form
Bangyomaman battle juice
banjo kazoo mount
banjo strings
baobab sap
bar skin
bar whip
barbed-wire fence
bargain flash powder
baritone accordion
bark beret
bark boxers
bark bracelet
bark rootbeer
barnacled barrel
Barney's rake
Baron von Ratsworth's money clip
Baron von Ratsworth's monocle
Baron von Ratsworth's tophat
barrel beryl
barrel beryl choker
barrel beryl nose ring
barrel beryl ring
barrel cracker
barrel gun
barrel pickle
barrel-aged eggnog
barrel-aged martini
barskin buckler
barskin cloak
barskin hat
barskin loincloth
barskin tent
bartender skull
Bartles and BRAAAINS wine cooler
Barulio's bottle
basaltamander buckler
basaltamander tongue
Bash-Ōs boxtop
Bash-Ōs cereal
basic martini
basic meat crossbow
basic meat fez
basic meat foon
basic meat helmet
basic meat kilt
basic meat pants
basic meat skirt
basic meat spork
basic meat staff
basic meat sword
basking robin
bastard baster
Bastille Battalion cheese wheel
Bastille Battalion control rig
Bastille Battalion control rig crate
Bastille Battalion control rig loaner voucher
Bastille Battalion Fondue Trophy
Bastille Battalion tattoo kit
bat guano
bat haggis
bat hat
bat whip
bat wing
bat wing kabob
bat wing stir-fry
bat-ass leather jacket
bat-shaped Crimboween cookie
Batfellow comic
bath ball gift set
batskin belt
battered Crimbo Crate
battered hubcap
battered old top-hat
battery-powered drill
Battlie Light Saver
battoo kit
bauxite beret
bauxite bow-tie
bauxite boxers
bazooka cozy
bazookafish bubble gum
beach ball marble
Beach Buck
Beach Comb
Beach Comb Box
beach glass bead
beach glass necklace
bean burrito
beanbag chair
bear claw
beard incense
beastly paste
beaten-up Chucks
beautiful rainbow
beautiful soup
beaver punch (cherry)
beaver punch (papaya)
beaver punch (peach)
beaver spear
bed of coals
Beefy Crunch Pastaco
beefy fish meat
beefy pill
beer basted brat
beer bomb
beer bong
beer cartilage
beer goggles
beer helmet
beer lens
beer-battered accordion
beer-scented teddy bear
beer-soaked mop
beery blood
beet-flavored Mr. Mediocrebar
beggin' cologne
beholed bedsheet
beige clambroth marble
Beignet Milgranet
bejeweled accordion strap
bejeweled cufflinks
bejeweled pledge pin
belemnite candy mold
belemnite fossil
bell-shaped Crimbo cookie
bellhop bell
bellhop's hat
Belt of Howling Anger
Belt of Loathing
belt of Ogrekind
Ben-Gal™ Balm
Benetton's Medley of Diversity
bent scrap metal
berries of suffering
berry-infused sake
best joke ever
Better Shrooms and Gardens catalog
Better Than Cuddling Cake
Bettie page
bewitching boots
bezoar ring
BGE 'cuddly critter' shirt
BGE 'ferocious fruit' shirt
BGE merchandise order form
BGE pocket calendar
BGE shotglass
BGE temporary tattoo
BGE tiny plastic toy
bi-lateral logic compressor
Biddy Cracker's Old-Fashioned Cookbook
big bad voodoo mask
big bass drum
big boom
big bumboozer marble
big bundle of chamoix
Big Candy's tophat
big dribbly candle
big glob of skin
Big Punk
big red button
big red clown nose
big rock
big slimy cyst
big stick
big stirring stick
big tun
Bigger Bugfinder Blade
bigger stick
biker's hat
bilge wine
bill bec-de-bardiche glaive-guisarme
bindle of joy
biomechanical crimborg helmet
biomechanical crimborg leg armor
bird rib
Bird-a-Day calendar
birdbone corset
birthday candle
birthday party jellybean cheesecake
bishop cookie
Bit O' Ectoplasm
Bit O' Quail Spleen
bit of clingfilm
bite-me-red lipstick
bitter bowtie
bitter pill
BittyCar HotCar
BittyCar MeatCar
BittyCar SoulCar
Bjorn's Hammer
black & tan
black and white cracker
Black Angus blackburger
Black Bart's Booty
black belt
black blade
Black Body™ spray
black brandy
black BRICKO brick
black candy heart
black candygram
black catseye marble
black cherry soda
black cloak
black cowboy hat
black eye shadow
black eyedrops
black facepaint
black forest cake
black forest ham
black friar's tonsure
black gallstone
black gold
black greaves
black helmet
Black Hole
black kettle drum
black label
black lotus
black magic powder
black mana
Black No. 2
black paisley oyster egg
black pension check
black pepper
black picnic basket
black pixel
black plastic oyster egg
black polka-dot oyster egg
black pudding
black sheepskin diploma
black shield
black slime glob
black snake skin
black snowcone
black spot
black striped oyster egg
black sword
black tear
black velvet box
black-and-blue light
blackberry combat boots
blackberry galoshes
blackberry moccasins
blackberry polite
blackberry slippers
Blackfly Chardonnay
blank diary
blank fudge mold
blank note
blank prescription sheet
blank white card
Blatantly Canadian
blended frozen swill
blended frozen swill with a fly in it
blessed rustproof +2 gray dragon scale mail
blind-packed capsule toy
blind-packed die-cast metal toy
Bling of the New Wave
Blizzards I Have Died In
blob of acid
blob of Alphredo™
blob of wood glue
blob-shaped Crimbo cookie
Blood 'n' Plenty
blood and blood
blood flower
blood kiwi
Blood Light
blood of the Wereseal
blood roll-up
blood sausage
blood snowcone
blood-drive sticker
blood-faced volleyball
blood-red mushroom wine
blood-soaked sponge cake
bloodied surgical dungarees
bloodstain stick
bloody beer
bloody clown pants
bloody kiwitini
bloody mary
Bloody Nora
blown-out speaker cone
blue canary nightlight
blue class ring
Blue Diamond of Honesty
blue glowstick
blue grass
blue lava globs
blue LavaCo Lamp™
blue mana
blue money bag
blue oyster badge
blue paisley oyster egg
blue pixel
blue pixel potion
blue plasma ball
blue plastic baby
blue plastic oyster egg
blue polka-dot oyster egg
blue potion
blue pumps
blue raspberry troll doll
blue ribbon
blue shell
blue snowcone
blue striped oyster egg
blue suede shoes
blue traffic cone
blue tulip
blue velvet cake
blue-frosted astral cupcake
blueberry muffin
blueberry-frosted king cake
blunt cat claw
blunt icepick
bobble-hip hula elf doll
bobcat grenade
Bodacious MechaElf Hunter Saga:Relay Wolf
body spradium
Bohemian rhapsody
boiling broth
boiling hot cocoa
boiling seal blood
Boletus Broletus mushroom
bomb of unknown origin
bone abacus
bone and arrows
bone aperitif
bone bandoneon
bone bons
bone chips
bone collar
bone crusher
bone flour
bone flute
bone meal
bone rattle
bone spurs
Bone's Farm "wine"
boneana hammock
Bonerdagon necklace
boning knife
bonsai tree
booby trap
book of matches
Book of Old-Timey Carols
Booke of Vampyric Knowledge
Boosty Juice
boot flask
boot knife
Boots of Twilight Whispers
booty chest charrrm
booty chest charrrm bracelet
booze drive button
booze mailing list
booze-soaked cherry
Boozehounds Anonymous token
Bordeaux Marteaux
borg sock monkey
boring spaghetti
Boris's Helm
Boris's Helm (askew)
Boris's key lime
Boris's key lime pie
Boris's ring
borrowed time
Boss Bat bling
Boss Bat britches
Boss Drops
bottle of alcohol
bottle of Amontillado
bottle of anís
bottle of antifreeze
bottle of black cat tonic
bottle of Blank-Out
bottle of Bloodweiser
bottle of bubbles
bottle of Calcutta Emerald
bottle of clam juice
bottle of Cochon Noir
bottle of cooking sherry
bottle of Crème de Fugu
bottle of Crimbognac
bottle of dark rhum
bottle of Definit
bottle of Domesticated Turkey
bottle of drinkin' gas
bottle of Evermore
bottle of extra-dark rhum
bottle of extra-strength melodramamine
bottle of fire
bottle of Fishhead 900-Day IPA
bottle of fruity "wine"
bottle of gin
bottle of Goldschnöckered
bottle of goofballs
bottle of Greedy Dog
bottle of gregnadigne
bottle of Jorge Sinsonte
bottle of Lambada Lambic
bottle of laundry sherry
bottle of Lieutenant Freeman
bottle of lighter fluid
bottle of limeade
bottle of lovebug pheromones
bottle of melodramamine
bottle of Monsieur Bubble
bottle of moontan lotion
bottle of Mystic Shell
bottle of norwhiskey
bottle of novelty hot sauce
bottle of Old Pugilist
bottle of Ooze-O
bottle of peppermint schnapps
bottle of perfume
bottle of Pete's Sake
bottle of Pinot Renoir
bottle of pirate juice
bottle of popskull
bottle of Professor Beer
bottle of Race Car Red
bottle of Rapier Witbier
bottle of realpagne
bottle of Red-Out
bottle of rhinoceros hormones
bottle of rum
bottle of sake
bottle of Sanguiovese
bottle of sea wine
bottle of sewage schnapps
bottle of single-barrel whiskey
bottle of super-extra-dark rhum
bottle of tequila
bottle of ultravitamins
bottle of Vangoghbitussin
bottle of vodka
bottle of whiskey
bottle of wine
bottle opener belt buckle
bottle-rocket crossbow
bottlecap turtle
bottled day
bottled green pixie
bottled inspiration
bottled swamp gas
bottoms of the barrel
Boulevardier cocktail
bounty-hunting helmet
bounty-hunting pants
bounty-hunting rifle
bouquet of circular saw blades
bow staff
bowl full of jelly
bowl of Bounty-Os
bowl of cottage cheese
bowl of eyeballs
bowl of fishysoisse
bowl of Jeal-O
bowl of lucky charms
bowl of maggots
bowl of marinade
bowl of mernudo
bowl of mummy guts
bowl of oriole's nest soup
bowl of petunias
bowl of rye sprouts
Bowl of Scorpions
bowl of Tastee-Wheet™
bowl of topioca
bowlegged pants
bowling ball
box o' ghosts
box of bear arms
box of Dweebs
box of Familiar Jacks
box of Gratitude chocolates
box of hammers
box of hickory chips
box of Pokëmann band-aids
box of sunshine
box turtle
boxcar turtle
boxed champagne
boxed wine
Boxing Day care package
Boxing Day Pass
boxing glove
boxing glove on a spring
Brain Food Pastaco
brain preservation fluid
brain-meltingly-hot chicken wings
brains casserole
BRAINS shorts
brainwave-controlled unicorn horn
brainy skull
Bram's choker
bran muffin
brand new key
Brand of Violence
brass abacus
brass bung spigot
brass crank handle
brass dorsal fin
brass Dreadsylvanian flask
brass gear
brass stinger
brass turkey knuckles
brazen bracelet
bread basket
bread line
bread mold
bread roll
breaded beer
Breakfast Blast wine cooler
breakfast mess
breakfast miracle
breath mint
Breathetastic™ Premium Canned Air
brick of sand
BRICKO airship
BRICKO brick
BRICKO bulwark
BRICKO cathedral
BRICKO elephant
BRICKO eye brick
BRICKO gargantuchicken
BRICKO octopus
BRICKO oyster
BRICKO pants
BRICKO pearl
BRICKO pyramid
BRICKO python
BRICKO reactor
BRICKO sword
BRICKO trunk
BRICKO turtle
BRICKO vacuum cleaner
briefcase full of sprinkles
brigand brittle
Bright Water
brilliant oyster egg
Brimstone Beret
Brimstone Bludgeon
Brimstone Boxers
Brimstone Bracelet
Brimstone Brooch
Brimstone Bunker
Brimstone Chicken Sandwich
briny vinegar
brittle plastic handle
broberry brogurt
brocolate brogurt
Brogre brolo shirt
Brogre brorts
Brogre bucket hat
broken beer bottle
broken BRICKO brick
broken carburetor
broken cellular phone
broken chocolate pocketwatch
broken clock
broken El Vibrato drone
broken glass grenade
broken high-temperature mining drill
broken skull
broken sword
broken warbear gyrocopter
bronze breastplate
bronze handcuffs
bronze polish
bronzed locust
BROS Energy Drink
brown crock marble
brown felt tophat
brown paper bag mask
brown paper pants
brown pixel
brown plastic baby
brown sugar cane
browser cookie
Bruno's blessing of Mars
buñuelos Jaliscos
bubble bauble bow
bubble-wrap simulator
bubble-wrap simulator (half broken)
bubble-wrap simulator (one broken button)
bubble-wrap simulator (one button left)
bubblegum heart
bubblewrap bottlecap turtleban
bubblewrap crossbow
bubblewrap ore
bubblewrap staff
bubblewrap sword
bubblin' chemistry solution
bubblin' crude
bubbling tempura batter
bubbly potion
bucket of ancient Vampyre blood
bucket of anniversary lard
bucket of fish juice
bucket of honey
bucket of wine
buckler buckle
Buddy Bjorn
buffalo blade
buffalo dime
buffed alien drugs
bug paste
bugbear beanie
bugbear bungguard
bugbear detector
bugbear purification pill
Bugbearclaw Donut
Bugfinder Blade
bugged bön±Ã©t
bugged balaclava
bugged beanie
Build-a-City Gingerbread kit
Bulky Buddy Box
bulky free-range mushroom
bull blubber
bullet-proof corduroys
bum cheek
bumblebee marble
bunch of bananas
bunch of sea grapes
bunch of square grapes
bundle of "fragrant" herbs
bundle of firewood
bungle in the jungle
bunny liver
burglar/sleep mask
burning newspaper
burnt flower
burnt snowpants
burnt stick
burrowgrub hive
burst hellseal brain
Burt's blessing of Bacchus
bus pass
Bustle Hustler
butterfly knife
Buttery Boy
Buttery Knob
button rouge
buzzard feather
buzzing mushroom wine
C.A.R.N.I.V.O.R.E. button
C.H.U.M. chum
C.H.U.M. knife
C.H.U.M. lantern
cabbage-flavored Mr. Mediocrebar
cactus fruit
cactus monocle
Cajun accordion
calavera concertina
calle de miel
calle de miel with a fly in it
calm attention-deficit demon
camouflage T-shirt
Camp Scout backpack
Camp Scout pup tent
campfire baked potato
campfire beans
campfire coffee
campfire hot dog
campfire s'more
campfire smoke
campfire stew
can cannon
can of Adultwitch™
can of Binarrrca
can of black paint
can of Brütalbräu
can of cherry-flavored sterno
can of depilatory cream
can of drain cleaner
can of Drooling Monk
can of fake snow
can of franks 'n' beans
can of Ghuol-B-Gone™
can of Impetuous Scofflaw
can of maces
can of Minions-Be-Gone
can of Rain-Doh
can of Red Minotaur
can of sardines
Can of Spaghetto
can of spinach
can of starch
can of sterno
can of Swiller
can of the cheapest beer
can of V-11
can opener
Can-Can skirt
can-shaped gelatinous cranberry sauce
candied almond
candied bolts
candied kobold
candied nuts
candied pecan
candied sweet potatoes
candied yam pinky ring
candied yams
Candy Alexander
candy brain
candy cane
candy cane candygram
candy carrot
candy carrot cake
candy chalk
candy cigarette
candy cornucopia
candy crayons
candy dog collar
candy dress shoes
candy drive button
candy harmonica
candy kneecapping stick
candy knife
candy knuckles
candy mailing list
candy mountain oyster
candy necktie
candy skeleton
candy stake
candy stick
candy UFOs
candycaine powder
cane-mail pants
cane-mail shirt
cannonball charrrm
cannonball charrrm bracelet
canopic jar
canteen of wine
cap gun
capacitor relay
capped blue lava bottle
capped green lava bottle
capped red lava bottle
captured boozles
carbon nanotube frame
carbonated soy milk
carbonated water lily
carbonite visor
card sleeve
cardboard box turtle
cardboard crossbow
cardboard katana
cardboard ore
cardboard staff
cardboard sword
cardboard wakizashi
Cargo Cultist Shorts
carob brownies
carob cannon
carob chunk cookies
carob chunk noodles
carob chunks
Carol of the Bulls
Carol of the Hells
Carol of the Thrills
Carpathian longsword
carrot cake
carrot claret
carrot juice
carrot nose
carton of gaspers
carton of rotten eggs
carton of snake milk
cartoon harpoon
cartoon heart
casino pass
cast-iron legacy paddle
cat appendix
catfish whiskers
catgut taco
catskin buckler
catskin cap
caustic slime nodule
Caveman Dan's favorite rock
celestial au jus
celestial carrot juice
celestial olive oil
celestial squid ink
Celsius 233
Celsius 233 (singed)
Cement Mixer
cement sandals
cement shoes
censored can label
Centauri fish wine
centipede eggs
centurion helmet
Cerebral Cloche
Cerebral Crossbow
Cerebral Culottes
chain-mail monokini
chainsaw chain
Chakra Libre
chakra malt
chakra sludge
chakra-mental wine
Chalice of the Malkovich Prince
chalk chain
chalk chalice
chalk chapeau
chalk chinos
chalk chlamys
chalk choker
chalk chunks
chaos butterfly
chaos popcorn
charged magnet
charisma potion
Charity's choker
charming flute
charpuce jub-jub bird
charrrm bracelet
Chateau Mantegna room key
cheap Chinese beer
cheap cigar butt
cheap clip-on ninja tie
cheap elven gloves
cheap plastic blowgun
cheap plastic bottle opener
cheap plastic kazoo
cheap studded belt
cheap sunglasses
cheap toaster
cheap wind-up clock
cheer extractor
Cheer-Up soda
cheerful antler hat
cheerful Crimbo sweater
cheerful pajama pants
cheesy eagle sauce
Chef Boy, R&D's business card
chef skull
chef's hat
cherry bomb
Cherry Cloaca Cola
cherry pie
Cherrytastrophe wine cooler
Cheshire Bitten
chest barrel
Chester's Aquarius medallion
Chester's bag of candy
Chester's cutoffs
Chester's moustache
Chester's muscle shirt
Chester's sunglasses
chewable paper
chewing gum on a string
ChibiBuddy™ (off)
ChibiBuddy™ (on)
chicle de salchicha
child-sized dracula cloak
children of the candy corn
Children's Meal of the Damned
Chinese curse words
chintzy accordion pin
chintzy disco ball pendant
chintzy noodle ring
chintzy saucepan earring
chintzy seal pendant
chintzy turtle brooch
chipotle wasabi cilantro aioli
chiptune guitar
chitinous pod
chlorine crystal
chloroform rag
chlorophyll paste
Choco-Mint patty
chocolate "Phoenix"
chocolate bath ball
chocolate bowtie
chocolate box
chocolate chip muffin
chocolate cigar
chocolate cow bone
chocolate disco ball
chocolate filthy lucre
chocolate frosted sugar bomb
chocolate leash
chocolate Ogre Chieftain
chocolate pasta spoon
chocolate pocketwatch
chocolate puppy
chocolate rabbit's foot
chocolate saucepan
chocolate seal-clubbing club
chocolate Spider Queen
chocolate spurs
chocolate stolen accordion
chocolate turtle totem
chocolate-covered caviar
chocolate-covered diamond-studded roses
chocolate-covered scarab beetle
chocolate-frosted king cake
chocolate-stained collar
Choker of the Ultragoth
Chorale of Companionship
Chori Zo trading card
chorizo brownies
chorizo taco
chrome crossbow
chrome crossbow string
chrome helmet turtle
chrome meat stack
chrome ore
chrome staff
chrome stick
chrome sword
chrome sword hilt
Chroner cross
Chroner trigger
Chubby and Plump bar
chunk of depleted Grimacite
chunk of hot iron
chunk of rock salt
cigar box turtle
cigarette lighter
Cinco Mayo Lager
cinnamon cannoli
cinnamon troll doll
circle drum
Citrus Crush wine cooler
citrus-infused sake
Clan Carnival Game
Clan Floundry
Clan hot dog stand
Clan looking glass
Clan pool table
Clan shower
Clan speakeasy
Clan VIP Lounge invitation
Clan VIP Lounge key
Clara's bell
class five ecto-larva
classy monkey
Claw of the Infernal Seal
clay peace-sign bead
Claybender glasses
Climate Colada
clingfilm cap
clingfilm slippers
clingfilm tangle
clingfilm trousers
Cloaca Cola Polar
Cloaca grenade
Cloaca-Cola c-rations
Cloaca-Cola fatigues
Cloaca-Cola helmet
Cloaca-Cola knapsack
Cloaca-Cola shield
Cloaca-Cola-issue combat knife
Cloak of Dire Shadows
clock-cleaning hammer
clockwork bartender head
clockwork bartender-head-in-the-box
clockwork bartender-in-the-box
clockwork chef head
clockwork chef-head-in-the-box
clockwork chef-in-the-box
clockwork claws
clockwork clockwise dome
clockwork counterclockwise dome
clockwork crossbow
clockwork detective skull
clockwork doohickey
clockwork endoskeleton
clockwork handle
clockwork hat
clockwork key
clockwork maid
clockwork maid head
clockwork pants
clockwork pirate skull
clockwork rings
clockwork rod
clockwork shank
clockwork sheet
clockwork sphere
clockwork spine
clockwork staff
clockwork sword
clockwork thingamajig
clockwork trench coat
clockwork widget
cloudy potion
clove-flavored lip balm
clown hammer
clown shoes
clown skin
clown whip
clown wig
clownskin belt
clownskin buckler
clownskin harness
club necklace
club of corruption
club of the five seasons
club sandwich
clumsiness bark
cluster of hops
clutch of dodecapede eggs
coal contact lenses
coal dust
coal paperweight
coal shovel
coal snakeskin
coarse hemp socks
cob of corn
Cobb's Knob Wurstbrau
Cobra Bowl
cocktail mushroom
cocktail napkin
cocktail onion
cocoa chondrule
cocoa egg
cocoa eggshell fragment
cocoa of youth
coconut bikini top
coconut shell
cod cape
Codex of Capsaicin Conjuration
Codpiece of the Goblin King
coffee pixie stick
coffee sprite
coffin lid
cog and sprocket assembly
Colander of Em-er'il
cold and sour sauce
cold cluster
cold clusterbomb
Cold Fang
cold hi mein
Cold Hots candy
cold jelly
cold mashed potatoes
cold ninja mask
cold nuggets
Cold One
cold powder
cold seal sweat
Cold Stone of Hatred
cold wad
cold water bottle
cold-filtered water
collapsible baton
collection of tiny spooky objects
cologne of contempt
Colon Annihilation Hot Sauce
Colonel Mustard's Lonely Spades Club Jacket
colored-light "necklace"
colorful plastic ball
colorful toad
colossal free-range mushroom
comb jelly
combat fan
Comet Drop
Comet Pop
comfy blanket
comfy coffin
comfy pillow
Comma Chameleon egg
commemorative war stein
communal gobstopper
communications windchimes
complex alien plant sample
complex alien zoological sample
complex mushroom wine
complicated device
complicated lock impression
compounded experience
Comprehensive Cartographic Compendium
Comprehensive Cartographic Compendium (well-read)
compressed air canister
compression stocking
computronic processing unit
concentrated cordial of concentration
concentrated fish broth
concentrated garbage juice
concentrated magicalness pill
concoction of clumsiness
confiscated cell phone
confiscated comic book
confiscated love note
confusing LED clock
congratulatory cake
conjured ice cream
Connery's Elixir of Audacity
conquistador's breastplate
consolation ribbon
Conspiracy™ mascara
container of Spooky Putty
contract enforcement stick
control crystal
Convincing People You Can See The Future
Cookbook of the Damned
cookie cookie
Cool Brunch Pastaco
cool cat claw
cool cat elixir
cool hot cocoa
cool iron breastplate
cool iron greaves
cool iron helmet
cool iron ingot
cool jelly donut
cool mushroom
cool mushroom casserole
cool mushroom wine
cool spore pod
cool whip
cooling iron breastplate
cooling iron greaves
cooling iron helmet
cop dollar
Copper Alpha of Sincerity
copper ha'penny charrrm
copper ha'penny charrrm bracelet
cordial of concentration
corked genie bottle
corn holder
corncob pipe
corned-beef Reuben
Corporal Fennel's Lonely Clubs Club Jacket
Corpse Island iced tea
corpse on the beach
correction fluid
corroded breeches
corrosive cowl
corrupt club of corrupt corruption
corrupt club of corruption
corrupted bird DNA
corrupted data
corrupted marrow
corrupted stardust
cosmetic football
cosmic bucket
Cosmic Calorie
cosmic lemonade
cosmic paste
costume rental shop
costume sword
cotton candy bale
cotton candy cocoon
cotton candy cone
cotton candy cordial
cotton candy pillow
cotton candy pinch
cotton candy plug
cotton candy skoshe
cotton candy smidgen
Counterclockwise Watch
counterfeit city
cow poker
cozy bazooka
cozy scimitar
crêepy mask
Cracklin' Oat Bran
cranberry cordial
cranberry cylinder
cranberry margarita
cranberry schnapps
crappy brain
crappy camera
crappy Mer-kin mask
crappy Mer-kin tailpiece
crappy waiter disguise
crate of firebombs
crate of fish meat
crayon shavings
crazy bastard sword
crazy hobo notebook
crazy little Turkish delight
cream of pointy mushroom soup
cream pie
cream stout
creepy doll head
creepy ginger ale
creepy nursery rhyme
creepy voice box
creepy voodoo doll
creepy-ass club
Crepes a la Lune
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 1)
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 1) (used)
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 2)
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 2) (used)
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 3)
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 3) (used)
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 4)
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 4) (used)
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 5)
CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 5) (used)
CRIMBCO lanyard
Crimbeau de toilette
Crimbo bottomless hot cocoa mug
Crimbo candied pecan
Crimbo candle
Crimbo Candy Cookbook
Crimbo Carol tattoo kit
Crimbo Cheer tattoo kit
Crimbo Commerce tattoo kit
Crimbo Credit
Crimbo dog sweater
Crimbo Elf creepy bobble-head
crimbo elfling
Crimbo Factory surprise box
Crimbo fudge
Crimbo hat
Crimbo light-up Rudolph doll
Crimbo P. R. E. S. S. I. E.
Crimbo pants
Crimbo paste
Crimbo peppermint bark
Crimbo pie
Crimbo pressie
Crimbo salad
Crimbo sapling
Crimbo smile
Crimbo stocking
Crimbo stockings
Crimbo stogie-scented room odorizer
Crimbo sword
Crimbo tattoo kit
Crimbo tree flocker
Crimbo ukulele
Crimbo wreath
Crimbolex watch
Crimbomega drive chain
Crimbomination Contraption
Crimbonium fuel rod
Crimbot battery
Crimbot ROM: Mathematical Precision
Crimbot ROM: Mathematical Precision (dirty)
Crimbot ROM: Rapid Prototyping
Crimbot ROM: Rapid Prototyping (dirty)
Crimbot ROM: Ruthless Efficiency
Crimbot ROM: Ruthless Efficiency (dirty)
Crimbot schematic: Big Head
Crimbot schematic: Big Wheel
Crimbot schematic: Bit Masher
Crimbot schematic: Bug Zapper
Crimbot schematic: Camera Claw
Crimbot schematic: Candle Lighter
Crimbot schematic: Cold Shoulder
Crimbot schematic: Crab Core
Crimbot schematic: Cyclopean Torso
Crimbot schematic: Data Analyzer
Crimbot schematic: Dynamo Head
Crimbot schematic: Grease / Regular Gun
Crimbot schematic: Grease Gun
Crimbot schematic: Gun Face
Crimbot schematic: Gun Legs
Crimbot schematic: Heavy Treads
Crimbot schematic: Heavy-Duty Legs
Crimbot schematic: High-Speed Fan
Crimbot schematic: Hoverjack
Crimbot schematic: Lamp Filler
Crimbot schematic: Maxi-Mag Lite
Crimbot schematic: Mega Vise
Crimbot schematic: Military Chassis
Crimbot schematic: Mobile Girder
Crimbot schematic: Nerding Module
Crimbot schematic: Power Arm
Crimbot schematic: Power Stapler
Crimbot schematic: Really Big Head
Crimbot schematic: Refrigerator Chassis
Crimbot schematic: Ribbon Manipulator
Crimbot schematic: Rivet Shocker
Crimbot schematic: Rocket Skirt
Crimbot schematic: Rodent Gun
Crimbot schematic: Rollerfeet
Crimbot schematic: Security Chassis
Crimbot schematic: Sim-Simian Feet
Crimbot schematic: Snow Blower
Crimbot schematic: Swiss Arm
Crimbot schematic: Tripod Legs
Crimbot schematic: Wrecking Ball
Crimboween memo
Crimboysters Rockefeller
Crimbylow-rise jeans
crimsilion jub-jub bird
croquet hedgehog
crossbow string
crotchety pants
Crown of the Goblin King
Crown of Thrones
crown-shaped beanie
crude crudités
crude oil congealer
crude voodoo doll
cruelty-free wine
crumbling rat skull
crumpled felt fedora
crushed steamer trunk
crusty hula hoop
cryptic puzzle box
crystal belt buckle
crystal decanter
crystal skeleton vodka
crystal skull
crystalline cheer
crystalline light bulb
crystalline reamer
crystalline seal eye
crystallized memory
CSA all-purpose soap
CSA bravery badge
CSA cheerfulness ration
CSA discount card
CSA fire-starting kit
CSA obedience grenade
CSA scoutmaster's "water"
cube of billiard chalk
cube of ectoplasm
cubic zirconia
cuckoo clock
cuddly teddy bear
cup of hickory chicory
cup of infinite pencils
cup of lukewarm tea
cup of primitive beer
cuppa Activi tea
cuppa Alacri tea
cuppa Boo tea
cuppa Chari tea
cuppa Craft tea
cuppa Cruel tea
cuppa Dexteri tea
cuppa Feroci tea
cuppa Flamibili tea
cuppa Flexibili tea
cuppa Frost tea
cuppa Gill tea
cuppa Impregnabili tea
cuppa Improprie tea
cuppa Insani tea
cuppa Irritabili tea
cuppa Loyal tea
cuppa Mana tea
cuppa Mediocri tea
cuppa Monstrosi tea
cuppa Morbidi tea
cuppa Nas tea
cuppa Net tea
cuppa Neuroplastici tea
cuppa Obscuri tea
cuppa Physicali tea
cuppa Proprie tea
cuppa Royal tea
cuppa Serendipi tea
cuppa Sobrie tea
cuppa Toast tea
cuppa Twen tea
cuppa Uncertain tea
cuppa Vitali tea
cuppa Voraci tea
cuppa Wit tea
cuppa Yet tea
cursed black pearl onion
cursed bottle of black-label rum
cursed bottle of rum
cursed breeches
cursed cannonball
cursed chocolate doubloon
cursed cutlass
cursed dirty joke scroll
cursed eyepatch
cursed microwave
cursed piece of thirteen
cursed pirate cutlass
cursed pony keg
Cursed Punch
cursed ring finger ring
cursed scrunchie
cursed sea biscuit
cursed swash buckle
cursed tricorn hat
cursed voodoo skull
cursed wishbone
custard pie
custom avatar form
custom sixgun
cute bow from beyond the stars
cute meteoroid
cute mushroom
cyan seashell
cyborg doll
cyborg stompin' boot
cyclops eyedrops
cylindrical mold
cymbal syrup
D roll
Daffy Taffy
Daily Affirmation: Adapt to Change Eventually
Daily Affirmation: Always be Collecting
Daily Affirmation: Be a Mind Master
Daily Affirmation: Be Superficially interested
Daily Affirmation: Keep Free Hate in your Heart
Daily Affirmation: Think Win-Lose
Daily Affirmation: Work For Hours a Week
daily dungeon malware
Daisy's unclean bloomers
Dallas Dynasty Falcon Crest shield
damp bar rag
damp old wallet
dance card
dancing fan
dandy lion cub
dangerous jerkcicle
Danglin' Chad's loincloth
Dark & Starry
dark baconstone ring
dark hamethyst ring
Dark Jill-O-Lantern
dark porquoise ring
dark potion
Das Überkühlraum trading card
das boot
day-old beer
deactivated MicroMechaMech
Deactivated MiniMechaElf
deactivated nanobots
Deactivated O. A. F.
deactivated putty buddy
deactivated RoboGoose
dead guy's memento
dead guy's piece of double-sided tape
dead guy's watch
dead lights pie
dead meat bun
deadfall branch
deadly lampshade
deadly nightshade
deanimated reanimator's coffin
Dear Past Self Package
death blossom
debonair deboner
decanter of fine Scotch
decaying goldfish liver
decaying wooden oar
decaying wooden paddle
decaying wooden pole
decent brain
Deck of Every Card
deck of lewd playing cards
deck of tropical cards
decomposed boot
decorative fountain
Deep Machine Tunnels snowglobe
deep six-shooter
defective Game Grid token
defective skull
deflated inflatable dodecapede
dehydrated caviar
delectable catalyst
delectable fire ant
delicious candy
delicious comfit?
delicious noodles
delicious salad
delicious shimmering moth
delicious spicy noodles
delicious star salad
delicious stinkbug
delicious swamp muck
deluxe fax machine
deluxe layer cake
deluxe Neverending Party favor
demon buckler
demon makeup kit
demon skin
demon whip
demon-horned hat
demonic cow's blood
demonic paste
demonic surgical gloves
demonskin jacket
demonskin trousers
denastified haunch
denim axe
denim jacket
Dennis's blessing of Minerva
dense meat crossbow
dense meat stack
dense meat staff
dense meat sword
dental pliers
dented harmonica
dented spoon
depantsing bomb
depleted Grimacite astrolabe
depleted Grimacite grappling hook
depleted Grimacite gravy boat
depleted Grimacite hammer
depleted Grimacite kneecapping stick
depleted Grimacite ninja mask
depleted Grimacite shinguards
depleted Grimacite weightlifting belt
depleted uranium seal figurine
desiccated apricot
designer handbag
desktop zen garden
detective roscoe
detective school application
detective skull
detective tattoo
detour shield
devil hair pasta
Devil's Elbow Hot Sauce
devil's-food cake
devil-summoning hat
deviled egg
devilish folio
dew yoana lei
dew yoana salacious lei
diabolic pizza cube
diabolical crossbow
Diamond HP-35 Calculator
diamond necklace
diamond-studded cane
diamond-studded fronts
diamondback skin
dice belt buckle
dice ring
dice sunglasses
dice-print do-rag
dice-print pajama pants
dice-shaped backpack
Dickory Farms Gift Basket
Diet Cloaca Cola
dieting pill
digital key lime
digital key lime pie
digital underground potion
dilapidated wizard hat
diluted makeup
dinged-up triangle
dingy planks
dinner roll
Dinsey face paint
Dinsey food-cone
Dinsey Maintenance Manual
Dinsey tattoo kit
Dinsey Whinskey
Dinsey's brain
Dinsey's glove
Dinsey's oculus
Dinsey's pants
Dinsey's pizza cutter
Dinsey's radar dish
dire fudgesicle
dirt julep
dirty bottlecap
dirty hobo gloves
dirty martini
dirty rigging rope
disassembled clover
disbelief suspenders
discarded button
discarded swimming trunks
Disco 'Fro Pick
disco ball
Disco Banjo
disco biscuit
disco horoscope (Aquarius)
disco horoscope (Aries)
disco horoscope (Cancer)
disco horoscope (Capricorn)
disco horoscope (Gemini)
disco horoscope (Leo)
disco horoscope (Libra)
disco horoscope (Pisces)
disco horoscope (Sagittarius)
disco horoscope (Scorpio)
disco horoscope (Taurus)
disco horoscope (Virgo)
disco mask
disconnected intergnat
Discontent™ Winter Garden Catalog
Discount Telescope Warehouse gift certificate
disembodied brain
disembodied smile
Dish of Clarified Butter
disintegrating barrel
disintegrating quill pen
disintegrating sheet music
disintegrating spiky collar
displaced fish
disposable instant camera
disposable lighter
Distant Woods Getaway Brochure
distention pill
distilled fortified wine
distressed denim pants
disturbing fanfic
divine blowout
divine can of silly string
divine champagne flute
divine champagne popper
divine cracker
divine noisemaker
diving muff
DIY protonic accelerator kit
do-it-yourself laser eye surgery kit
Doc Clock's thyme cocktail
Doc Galaktik's Ailment Ointment
Doc Galaktik's Homeopathic Elixir
Doc Galaktik's Invigorating Tonic
Doc Galaktik's Pungent Unguent
Doc Galaktik's Restorative Balm
Doc Galaktik's Vitality Serum
Doc's Miracle Cure
dog ointment
Dogsgotnonoz pills
doll house
doll-eye amulet
dollar sign
dollar-sign bag
dollop of barbecue sauce
Dolph Bossin's charity note
Dolph Bossin's Crimbo hat
Dolphin King's crown
dolphin whistle
donated booze
donated candy
donated food
donkey flipbook
dope gangsta bling-bling
dope wheels
doppelshifter egg
dorky glasses
Double Bacon Beelzeburger
double barreled barrel gun
double daisy
double entendre
double-barreled sling
double-ice box
double-ice britches
double-ice cap
double-ice gum
doubt cannon
dove DNA
Dr. Hobo's scalpel
drab sonata
Drac & Tan
drafty drawers
draggin' ball hat
dragon snaps
dragonfish caviar
Dragonscale breastplate
Dramatic™ range
dread tarragon
dreadful box
dreadful fedora
dreadful glove
dreadful roast
dreadful sweater
dreadlock whip
Dreadsylvania Auditor's badge
Dreadsylvanian Almanac page
Dreadsylvanian clockwork key
Dreadsylvanian cold pocket
Dreadsylvanian cold-fashioned
Dreadsylvanian dank and stormy
Dreadsylvanian grimlet
Dreadsylvanian hemlock
Dreadsylvanian hot pocket
Dreadsylvanian hot toddy
Dreadsylvanian seed pod
Dreadsylvanian shepherd's pie
Dreadsylvanian skeleton key
Dreadsylvanian sleaze pocket
Dreadsylvanian slithery nipple
Dreadsylvanian spooky pocket
Dreadsylvanian stew
Dreadsylvanian stink pocket
dream of a dog
dreaming Jung man
dress pants
dried face
dried gelatinous cube
drinks tray
Drip harness
Drip Institute petri dish
dripping meat crossbow
dripping meat staff
dripping meat sword
drippy bezoar
drippy bromide
drippy candy bar
drippy caviar
drippy diadem
drippy enzyme
drippy flux
drippy grub
drippy ichor
drippy khakis
drippy nugget
drippy orb
drippy pigment
drippy pilsner
drippy plum(?)
drippy salt
drippy seed
drippy shield
drippy snail shell
drippy staff
drippy stake
drippy stein
drippy truncheon
Dripwood slab
drive-by shooting
drive-thru burger
Drizzlers™ Black Licorice
droll monocle
dromedary drinking helmet
drone self-destruct chip
droopy doll eye
drop of water-37
droppable microphone
dropped scrap of paper
Drowsy Sword
drug cocktail sauce
druidic s'more
drum machine
drum of pomade
drum of tommy ammo
Drunk Uncles holo-record
Drunken Astrophysicist
Drunken Neurologist
Drunken Philosopher
Drunkula's bell
Drunkula's cape
Drunkula's ring of haze
Drunkula's silky pants
Drunkula's wineglass
dry cleaning receipt
dry martini
dry noodles
dry vodka martini
drywall axe
dubious loincloth
dubious peppermint
ducha de oro
duct tape
duct tape buckler
duct tape dockers
duct tape fedora
duct tape shirt
duct tape sword
duct tape wallet
dude ranch souvenir crate
dueling banjo
dueling turtle
Duke Vampire's regal cloak
dull fish scale
dumb mud
Dump Truck
dungeon dragon chest
Dungeon Fist gauntlet
dungeoneer's dungarees
dungeoneering kit
Duskwalker fangs
Duskwalker syringe
Dust bunny
dusty animal cranium
dusty animal jawbone
dusty animal pelvis
dusty animal skull
dusty barrel
dusty bottle of blood
dusty bottle of Marsala
dusty bottle of Merlot
dusty bottle of Muscat
dusty bottle of Pinot Noir
dusty bottle of Port
dusty bottle of Zinfandel
dusty Crimbo crate
dusty eighth caudal vertebra
dusty eighth thoracic vertebra
dusty eleventh thoracic vertebra
dusty fifth caudal vertebra
dusty fifth cervical vertebra
dusty fifth lumbar vertebra
dusty fifth thoracic vertebra
dusty first caudal vertebra
dusty first cervical vertebra
dusty first lumbar vertebra
dusty first thoracic vertebra
dusty fourth caudal vertebra
dusty fourth cervical vertebra
dusty fourth lumbar vertebra
dusty fourth thoracic vertebra
dusty left clavicle
dusty left eighth rib
dusty left eleventh rib
dusty left femur
dusty left fibula
dusty left fifth rib
dusty left first front claw
dusty left first rear claw
dusty left first rib
dusty left fourth front claw
dusty left fourth rear claw
dusty left fourth rib
dusty left humerus
dusty left kneecap
dusty left ninth rib
dusty left radius
dusty left scapula
dusty left second front claw
dusty left second rear claw
dusty left second rib
dusty left seventh rib
dusty left sixth rib
dusty left tenth rib
dusty left third front claw
dusty left third rear claw
dusty left third rib
dusty left thumb
dusty left tibia
dusty left twelfth rib
dusty left ulna
dusty ninth caudal vertebra
dusty ninth thoracic vertebra
dusty right clavicle
dusty right eighth rib
dusty right eleventh rib
dusty right femur
dusty right fibula
dusty right fifth rib
dusty right first front claw
dusty right first rear claw
dusty right first rib
dusty right fourth front claw
dusty right fourth rear claw
dusty right fourth rib
dusty right humerus
dusty right kneecap
dusty right ninth rib
dusty right radius
dusty right scapula
dusty right second front claw
dusty right second rear claw
dusty right second rib
dusty right seventh rib
dusty right sixth rib
dusty right tenth rib
dusty right third front claw
dusty right third rear claw
dusty right third rib
dusty right thumb
dusty right tibia
dusty right twelfth rib
dusty right ulna
dusty sacral vertebrae
dusty second caudal vertebra
dusty second cervical vertebra
dusty second lumbar vertebra
dusty second thoracic vertebra
dusty seventh caudal vertebra
dusty seventh cervical vertebra
dusty seventh lumbar vertebra
dusty seventh thoracic vertebra
dusty sixth caudal vertebra
dusty sixth cervical vertebra
dusty sixth lumbar vertebra
dusty sixth thoracic vertebra
dusty tenth caudal vertebra
dusty tenth thoracic vertebra
dusty third caudal vertebra
dusty third cervical vertebra
dusty third lumbar vertebra
dusty third thoracic vertebra
dusty twelfth thoracic vertebra
dwarf bread
dwarvish magazine
dwarvish war helmet
dwarvish war kilt
dwarvish war mattock
Dweebisol™ inhaler
Dyspepsi grenade
Dyspepsi-Cola d-rations
Dyspepsi-Cola fatigues
Dyspepsi-Cola helmet
Dyspepsi-Cola knapsack
Dyspepsi-Cola shield
Dyspepsi-Cola-issue canteen
eagle feather
eagle's milk
ear poison
Earring of Fire
Earth and Firewater
Earth, Wind and Firewater
earthenware muffin tin
easter egg balloon
Eau de Guaneau
eau de mort
eaves droppers
ectoplasm au jus
ectoplasmic orbs
ectoplasmic paste
Ed the Undying exhibit crate
edible alien plant bit
eel battery
eel sauce
eel skin
eelskin hat
eelskin pants
eelskin shield
eerie fetish
eerily silent box
Effermint™ tablets
effervescent potion
effluvious emerald
eggman noodles
Egnaro berry
Eight Days a Week Pill Keeper
eighth plague
El Sombrero De Lopez
El Vibrato drone
El Vibrato energy spear
El Vibrato helmet
El Vibrato leg guards
El Vibrato Megadrone
El Vibrato power sphere
El Vibrato punchcard (104 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (115 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (129 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (142 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (165 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (176 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (182 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (213 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (216 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (88 holes)
El Vibrato punchcard (97 holes)
El Vibrato restraints
El Vibrato translator
El Vibrato trapezoid
Elder Turtle Shell
elderly jawbreaker
eldritch alignment spray
eldritch concentrate
eldritch distillate
eldritch dough
eldritch effluvium
eldritch elixir
eldritch essence
eldritch extract
eldritch hammer
eldritch hat
eldritch ichor
Eldritch Intellect: Journey into a Mind of Horror
eldritch mushroom
eldritch mushroom pizza
eldritch oil
eldritch pants
eldritch rub
eldritch scanner
Eldritch snap
eldritch tincture
eldritch tincture (depleted)
electric copperhead potion
electric crutch
electric Kool-Aid
Electric Punch
electric snakebite
electrical thingamabob
electrician's hardhat
electronic Brain Trainer game
electronic dulcimer pants
electronics kit
elegant nightstick
elemental caipiroska
elemental paste
elemental sugarcube
elephant stinger
eleven-foot pole
elevenderizing hammer
elevennis shoes
elf army field rations
Elf Farm Raffle ticket
elf ploughshare
elf sleeper agent
Elfin shortbread
Elizabeth's Dollie
Elizabeth's paintbrush
Ellsbury's journal
Ellsbury's journal (used)
Ellsbury's skull
Elmley shades
Elron's Explosive Etude
elven limbos gingerbread
elven cellocello
elven hardtack
elven magi-pack
elven medi-pack
elven moonshine
elven socks
elven squeeze
elven suicide capsule
elven tambourine
elven whittling knife
Elvish delight
Elvish sunglasses
embezzler's oil
EMD holo-record
emergency margarita
emo roe
empty agua de vida bottle
empty blowgun
empty Cloaca-Cola bottle
empty hourglass
empty lava bottle
empty meat tank
empty Rain-Doh can
En Una Fila Tequila
enchanted barbell
enchanted bean
enchanted bean burrito
enchanted brass knuckles
enchanted eyepatch
enchanted fire extinguisher
Enchanted Flyswatter
enchanted handwarmer
enchanted leopard-print barbell
enchanted muesli
Enchanted Plunger
enchanted toothpick
encoder ring
Energy Buzz Pastaco
energy drink IV
Engorged Sausages and You
enhanced signal receiver
ennui-flavored potato chips
enormous belt buckle
enormous hoop earring
Ent cider
enticing mayolus
envelope full of Meat
epic cluster
epic wad
equal sign
eraser nubbin
especially salty dog
Essence of Annoyance
Essence of Bear
essential cameraderie
essential soy
essential tofu
etched hourglass
eternal car battery
eternal knot tattoo
even more tinsel
Event Horizon
everfull glass
Everlasting Deckswabber
Every Day is Like This Sundae
evil flaming eyeball pendant
evil golden arch
evil golden arches
evil googly eye
evil teddy bear
evil teddy bear sewing kit
evil-ass club
exactly-three-shaped box
excitement pill
exclusive club
executive mime flask
exotic jungle fruit
exotic orchid
exotic parrot egg
exotic travel brochure
expensive camera
expensive champagne
expensive cigar
experimental carbon fiber pasta additive
experimental serum G-9
experimental serum P-00
expired bottle of peppermint schnapps
expired can of franks 'n' beans
exploding cigar
exploding gum
exploding hacky-sack
explosion-flavored chewing gum
extra special Crimbo stocking
extra-fancy ring setting
extra-flat panini
extra-greasy slider
extra-heavy BRICKO brick
extra-large palm-frond toupee
extra-potent gremlin mutagen
extra-see-thru nightie
Extra-slimy Slimosa
extra-spicy bloody mary
extra-strength goo
extra-strength red potion
extra-strength rubber bands
extra-strength strongness elixir
extra-toasted half sandwich
eXtreme Bi-Polar Fleece Vest
eXtreme meat crossbow
eXtreme meat staff
eXtreme meat sword
eXtreme mittens
eXtreme nose ring
eXtreme scarf
extremely confusing manual
extremely skinny jeans
extremely slippery nipple
extremely wet T-shirt
eye 'n' horn shampoo
Eye and a Twist
eye of newt
eye of the Tiger-lily
eyebrow lifter
eyedrops of newt
eyedrops of the ermine
eyedrops of the ocelot
fabric hardener
fabric softener
facehugging alien
facsimile dictionary
faded green protest sign
faded red protest sign
fairy gravy boat
fairy-worn boots
fake blood
fake cocktail
fake fake vomit
fake hand
fake plastic grass
fake washboard
Falcon™ Maltese Liquor
false eyelashes
Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium
fancy ball mask
fancy bath salts
fancy beef jerky
fancy beer bottle
fancy beer label
fancy black tie
fancy blue potion
fancy but probably evil chocolate
fancy calligraphy pen
fancy canapés
fancy chess set
fancy chocolate
fancy chocolate car
fancy chocolate sculpture
fancy dress ball
Fancy Jeff's fancy pocket square
fancy opera glasses
fancy party pants
fancy schmancy cheese sauce
fancy seashell necklace
fancy tin beer can
fancy tophat
fancy tuxedo pants
Fantasma en la Máquina
FantasyRealm guest pass
FantasyRealm key
FantasyRealm Mage's Hat
FantasyRealm mead
FantasyRealm membership packet
FantasyRealm Rogue's Mask
FantasyRealm tattoo kit
FantasyRealm turkey leg
FantasyRealm Warrior's Helm
farfalle bow tie
fascinating alien plant sample
fascinating alien zoological sample
fat bottom quark
fat loot token
fat stacks of cash
fat wallet
Fauna Libre
FDKOL commendation
FDKOL fire hose
FDKOL hotcakes
FDKOL tattoo
fear condenser
feathered headdress
Feliz Navidad
Feng Shui for Big Dumb Idiots
Ferita Del Petto Zinfandel
fermenting powder
ferret bait
Ferrigno's Elixir of Power
fertilized ghuol egg
festive holiday hat
festive sausage
festive warbear bank
fetid feather
fettucini épines Inconnu
fettucini épines Inconnu recipe
fettucini Inconnu
Feynman gate
fez of etymology
fiberglass fannypack
fiberglass fedora
fiberglass fetish
fiberglass fibers
fiberglass fingerguard
fiberglass foil
fiberglass frock
fiberglass insulation
Field Guide to Skeletal Anatomy
Field Guide to Skeletal Anatomy (shredded)
fiery wing
figurine of a charred seal
figurine of a cold seal
figurine of a cute baby seal
figurine of a shadowy seal
figurine of a sleek seal
figurine of a slippery seal
figurine of a stinking seal
figurine of a wretched-looking seal
figurine of an ancient seal
figurine of an armored seal
filet of tangy gnat ("fotelif")
filet of The Fish
filigreed hamethyst earring
filigreed hamethyst necklace
filigreed hamethyst ring
filth-encrusted futon
filthy armor
filthy child leash
filthy corduroys
filthy hippy poncho
filthy knitted dread sack
filthy lucre
filthy monkey head
filthy pestle
filthy poultice
fin-bit wax
fine aged cheddarwurst
fine wine
finger cuffs
finger cymbals
finger exerciser
Finnish Fish
fire axe
fire flower
fire hose
fire of unknown origin
fire poi
fireman's helmet
fireman's lunch
fireproof megaphone
fireproof skip lid
First Post shirt - Cir Senam
First Post shirt package
first-aid pouch
fish bazooka
fish head
fish juice box
fish sauce
fish scimitar
fish stick
fish stick cozy
fish-liver oil
fishbone belt
fishbone bracers
fishbone catcher's mitt
fishbone corset
fishbone facemask
fishbone fins
fishbone kneepads
fishin' hat
fishy fish
fishy fish casserole
fishy fish lasagna
fishy paste
fishy pipe
fishy wand
fist turkey outline
fistful of ashes
fistful of wood shavings
fitness wristband
Fitspiration™ poster
Five Second Energy™
fixed-gear bicycle
fizzing spore pod
fizzy potion
flame orb
flamin' bindle
Flamin' Whatshisname
Flaming Caipiranha
flaming cardboard sword
flaming crutch
flaming familiar doppelgänger
flaming feather
flaming glowsticks
flaming juggler's balls
Flaming Knob
Flaming Mohobo
flaming mushroom
flaming mushroom wine
flaming nose
flaming pink shirt
Flaming Sazerorc
flaming sword
flaming talons
flamingo mallet
flan del mar
Flan in the Moon
flapper floppers
flashing novelty button
flashy pirate dreadlocks
flask flops
flask of Amontillado
flask of baconstone juice
flask of embalming fluid
flask of Gnomochloric acid
flask of hamethyst juice
flask of mining oil
flask of moonshine
flask of porquoise juice
flask of port
flask of rainwater
flask of tainted mining oil
Flaskfull of Hollow
flat cider
flat dough
flat mushroom wine
flavored foot massage oil
flavorless gruel
flayed mind
fleetwood chain
fleetwood mac 'n' cheese
fleetwood macaroni
fleshy lump
flickering pixel
flimsy clipboard
flimsy hardwood scraps
flirtatious feather
floaty gravel
floaty inverse geode
floaty pebbles
floaty rock
floaty rock helmet
floaty rock necklace
floaty rock pants
floaty sand
floaty stone sphere
floorboard cruft
floral print shirt
floral-print skirt
flower petal pie
flowing hippy skirt
fluid of fudge-finding
fluorescent lightbulb
flute of flat champagne
Fly-By-Knight Heraldry form
flyest of shirts
Flying Caipiranha
flypaper staff
flytrap bezoar
flytrap pellet
foam commodore's hat
foam dart
foam naval trousers
foam noodle
foam pistol
foetid seal tear
Fog Murderer
foggy glass globe
foie gras
folder (barbarian)
folder (blue)
folder (catfish)
folder (cyan)
folder (D-Team)
folder (dancing dolphins)
folder (Ex-Files)
folder (green)
folder (heavy metal)
folder (holographic fractal)
folder (Jackass Plumber)
folder (Knight Writer)
folder (KOLHS)
folder (magenta)
folder (owl)
folder (rainbow unicorn)
folder (red)
folder (Seawolf)
folder (skull and crossbones)
folder (smiley face)
folder (space skeleton)
folder (sports car)
folder (sportsballs)
folder (Stinky Trash Kid)
folder (tranquil landscape)
folder (wizard)
folder (Yedi)
folder (yellow)
Folder Holder
food drive button
food mailing list
foolscap fool's cap
foon of fearfulness
foon of fleshiness
foon of foulness
foon of frigidity
foon of fulmination
foot-long hot daub
football helmet
forbidden danish
forbidden sausage
foreign box
forest spirit rattle
forest tears
Former Sheriff Dan's tin star
fortifying hot cocoa
fortune cookie
fossilized baboon skull
fossilized bat skull
fossilized demon skull
fossilized limb
fossilized necklace
fossilized serpent skull
fossilized spider skull
fossilized spike
fossilized spine
fossilized torso
fossilized wing
fossilized wyrm skull
fountain 'soda'
Fourth of May Cosplay Saber
Fourth of May Cosplay Saber kit
fragment of Jarlsberg's soul
Frankly Mr. Shank
Frat Army FGF
frat brats
frayed rope belt
Freddie's blessing of Mercury
Freddy Kruegerand
free-range mushroom
freezer-burned frost-bitten tortellini
freezerburned ice cube
freezin' bindle
French bronilla brogurt
French slippers
french-fry grabber
fresh can of paint
fresh coat of paint
freshwater fishbone
freshwater pearl necklace
fricasseed brains
Friendliness Beverage
friendly cheez blob
Friendly Turkey
frightful feather
frigid air mattress
frigid derringer
frigid fudgepuck
frigid hankyū
frigid mote
frigid ninja stars
Frigid Northern Beans
frigid-ass club
frilly shirt
frilly skirt
frog lip-print
Fromage Pinotage
frontwinder skin
frost flower
Frost™ brand sword
frost-rimed desk bell
frost-rimed seal hide
frostbite-flavored Hob-O
frosty halo
Frosty's arm
Frosty's carrot
Frosty's frosty mug
Frosty's iceball
Frosty's nailbat
Frosty's old silk hat
Frosty's snowball sack
Frown Exerciser
frozen banquet
frozen danish
frozen feather
frozen Mob Penguin
frozen mushroom
frozen nunchaku
frozen seal spine
frozen shampoo-conditioner
frozen turtle shell
fruit basket
fruit bat
fruit bowl
fruity girl swill
fry-oil-flavored Hob-O
frying brainpan
Fu Manchu Wax
fudge bunny
fudge cube
Fudge Fiber Armor Plating
fudge lily
fudge pocket square
fudge spork
fudge-shaped hole in space-time
Fudgie Roll
full lava bottle
full meat tank
fumble formula
Fun-Guy spore
funhouse mirror
funky brass fez
funky dried mushroom
funky eyepatch
funky junk key
funny bone
funny paper hat
furniture dolly
furry fur
furry green earmuffs
furry green turtle
furry halo
furry kilt
furry pants
furry pill
furry skirt
fusilli marrownarrow
fustulent seal grulch
future drug: Coolscaline
future drug: Muscularactum
future drug: Smartinex
fuzzy busby
fuzzy dice
fuzzy earmuffs
fuzzy montera
fuzzy polar bear ears
Fuzzy Slippers of Hatred
Fuzzy Tentacle
ga-ga radio
gabardine gaiters
gabardine garibaldi
gabardine garland
gabardine girdle
gabardine gloves
gabardine gunnysack
gabardine smithereens
Gaia beads
Galapagosian Cuisses
gallon of milk
Game Grid ticket
Game Grid token
Game Grid valued membership card
GameInformPowerDailyPro magazine
GameInformPowerDailyPro subscription card
gamer slurry
gamma nog
ganger bandana
garbage juice slurpee
garbage sticker
garbage-juice-flavored Hob-O
garish pinky ring
Garland of Greatness
Garter of the Turtle Poacher
gas balloon
gas can
Gathered Meat-Clip
gator skin
gatorskin umbrella
Gauntlets of the Blood Moon
gauze garter
gauze hammock
gauze shorts
gazely stare
gazing shoes
Gazpacho's Glacial Grimoire
gearbox necklace
Gearhead Goo
gelatinous meat mass
Genalen™ Bottle
Gene Tonic: Beast
Gene Tonic: Constellation
Gene Tonic: Construct
Gene Tonic: Demon
Gene Tonic: Dude
Gene Tonic: Elemental
Gene Tonic: Elf
Gene Tonic: Fish
Gene Tonic: Goblin
Gene Tonic: Hippy
Gene Tonic: Hobo
Gene Tonic: Horror
Gene Tonic: Humanoid
Gene Tonic: Insect
Gene Tonic: Mer-kin
Gene Tonic: Orc
Gene Tonic: Penguin
Gene Tonic: Pirate
Gene Tonic: Plant
Gene Tonic: Slime
Gene Tonic: Undead
Gene Tonic: Weird
General Assembly Module
General Sage's Lonely Diamonds Club Jacket
generic healing potion
generic mana potion
generic restorative potion
genie bottle
genie's bracers
genie's pants
genie's scimitar
genie's turbane
ghast iron cleaver
ghast iron codpiece
ghast iron Garibaldi
ghast iron heater shield
ghast iron ingot
Ghiaccio Colada
ghost accordion
ghost beer
ghost bit
ghost cucumber
Ghost Dog Chow
ghost key
ghost of a necklace
ghost pencil
ghost pepper
ghost pickle on a stick
Ghost Pinching Quarterly
ghost protocol
ghost shawl
ghost thread
ghost toga
ghost trap
ghostly body paint
ghostly dagger
ghostly ectoplasm
ghostly pickling solution
ghuol ears
ghuol egg
ghuol egg quiche
ghuol guolash
ghuol-ear kabob
giant artisanal rice peeler
giant book of ancient carols
giant breath mint
giant cactus quill
giant candy cane
giant cheesestick
giant clay ashtray
giant designer sunglasses
giant diamond ring
giant discarded bottlecap
giant discarded plastic fork
giant discarded torn-up glove
giant driftwood sculpture
giant fishhook
giant foam finger
giant free-range mushroom
giant giant moth dust
giant glass of brandy
giant grain of protein powder
giant green gummi bear
giant green gummi ingot
giant gym membership card
giant heirloom grape tomato
giant jar of protein powder
giant marshmallow
giant motorcycle boots
giant moxie weed
giant neckbeard
giant needle
giant O
giant pearl
giant penguin keychain
giant pinky ring
giant red gummi bear
giant red gummi ingot
giant safety pin
giant shrimp fork
giant spider leg
giant stuffed bugbear
giant tube of black lipstick
giant turkey leg
giant X
giant yellow gummi bear
giant yellow gummi ingot
giant yellow hat
gift card
gilded ancient cursed chest
gilded ancient cursed key
gilded BRICKO brick
gilded BRICKO chalice
gilded lily
gilded trumpet
gill rings
gilt perfume bottle
gin and tonic
Gin Mint
gin-soaked blotter paper
ginger beer
ginger snaps
gingerbread bugbear
gingerbread cigarette
gingerbread dog treat
gingerbread gavel
gingerbread hoodie
gingerbread horror
gingerbread house
gingerbread mask
gingerbread moneybag
gingerbread mug
gingerbread mutant bugbear
gingerbread pistol
gingerbread restraining order
gingerbread robot
gingerbread smartphone
gingerbread spice latte
gingerbread tophat
gingerbread trousers
gingerbread waistcoat
gingerbread wine
gingham blouse
ginormous pumpkin
giraffe-necked turtle
Girdle of Hatred
glacial clock
glacial sapphire
gladiator tunica
glark cable
Glass Balls of the Goblin King
glass casserole dish
glass eye
glass gnoll eye
glass of baboon milk
glass of bourbon
glass of drippy wine
glass of gnat milk
glass of goat's milk
glass of herbal tequila
glass of raw eggs
glass of warm milk
glass of warm water
glass pie plate
glass slipper
gleaming oyster egg
Glenn's golden dice
glimmering buzzard feather
glimmering great tit feather
glimmering penguin feather
glimmering phoenix feather
glimmering raven feather
glimmering roc feather
glistening fish meat
glistening oyster egg
glistening staff
glittery mascara
glob of cream cheese
glob of enchanted icing
glob of green slime
glob of melted wax
glob of salty molasses
glob of spoiled mayo
glob of undifferentiated tissue
globe of Deep Sauce
gloomy black mushroom
gloomy mushroom wine
glow-in-the-dark dart gun
glow-in-the-dark necklace
glow-in-the-dark stuffed burrowgrub
glow-in-the-dark wristwatch
glowing El Vibrato drone
glowing esca
glowing frisbee
glowing fungus
glowing New Age crystal
glowing red eye
glowing spore pod
glowing syringe
Glum berry
glyph of athleticism
gnashing teeth
gnat lasagna
gnatloaf casserole
gnatwing earring
gnauga hide
gnauga hide buckler
gnauga hide chaps
gnauga hide kilt
gnauga hide skirt
gnauga hide vest
gnauga hide whip
gnawed-up dog bone
gnocchetti di Nietzsche
gnoll lips
gnoll teeth
gnoll-tooth necklace
Gnollish autoplunger
Gnollish casserole dish
Gnollish Crossdress
Gnollish flyswatter
Gnollish pie server
Gnollish pie tin
Gnollish plunger
Gnollish sangria
Gnollish slotted spoon
Gnollish toolbox
Gnomish sagngria
Gnomish toolbox
Gnomitronic Hyperspatial Demodulizer
go-go potion
goat beard
goat cheese
goat cheese pizza
goat cheese taco
goatskin umbrella
gob of wet hair
goblin autoblowgun
goblin bone hilt
goblin collarbone
goblin hunting spear
goblin paste
goblin water
God Lobster Egg
Goggles of Loathing
gold Boozehounds Anonymous token
gold crown
gold lamé pants
gold nuggets
gold skull ring
gold star
gold tooth
gold toothbrush
Gold Velvet™ whiskey
gold wedding ring
golden banana
golden gum
golden gun
Golden HP-35 Calculator
Golden Kokomo Resort Chip
Golden Light
Golden Mean
golden monkey statuette
Golden Mr. Accessory
Golden Mr. Eh?
golden plastic oyster egg
golden ring
golden tattoo gun
golden twig
Good 'n' Quiet
Good 'n' Slimy
good ash
good brain
good gravy
Goodfella contract
gooey drippy candy bar
gooey lava globs
gooey paste
goofily-plumed helmet
googly eye
googly-ball hat
googly-heart hat
googly-star hat
Gordon Beer's Beer Garden Catalog
Gordon Bennett
gory drippy orb
goth kid t-shirt
gourmet gourami oil
government booze shipment
government candy shipment
government cheese
government food shipment
government requisition form
government-issue identification badge
government-issued candy
government-issued eyeshade
government-issued necktie
government-issued night-vision goggles
government-issued slacks
grain of sand
grandfather watch
Granny Hackleton's Gatling gun
Granny Tood's Thanksgarden Catalog
grape troll doll
grass blade
grass clippings
grass hat
grass skirt
grass whistle
grassy cutlass
Grateful Undead T-shirt
Gratitude chocolate (bourbon-filled)
Gratitude chocolate (Meat-filled)
Gratitude chocolate (octopus-filled)
Gratitude chocolate (thyme-filled)
grave robbing shovel
graveyard snowglobe
gravy boat
Gravyskin Belt of the Sauceblob
gray bow tie
gray seashell
grease cannon
grease gun
grease trap
greasy desk bell
greasy paste
Great Ball of Frozen Fire
great big capacitor
great old fashioned
Great Older Fashioned
Great S-Cape
Great Wolf's beastly trousers
Great Wolf's headband
Great Wolf's left paw
Great Wolf's lice
Great Wolf's right paw
Great Wolf's rocket launcher
Greatest American Pants
Greaves of the Murk Lord
greedy ghostling
Greek fire
green and red bean
green balloon
green bean casserole
green beer
green BRICKO brick
Green Burlap
green candy heart
green candygram
green clay bead
green cloth cap
Green Clover of Justice
green drunki-bear
green eggnog
green face paint
Green Giant
green glowstick
green gummi ingot
green hamhock
green lava globs
green LavaCo Lamp™
green mana
Green Manalishi
Green Muslin
green peawee marble
green pill
green pixel
green pixel potion
green pixie spog
green rock candy
green rocket
green seashell
green slime glob
green smoke bomb
green snowcone
green traffic cone
Green Velvet
green-frosted astral cupcake
green-iced sweet roll
gregarious ghostling
gremlin juice
gremlin mutagen
grey cube
Grey Guanon
grilled cheese sandwich
grilled mooseflank
Grim Brothers' story book
grim fairy tale
Grimacite Bock
Grimacite gaiters
Grimacite galoshes
Grimacite garter
Grimacite gasmask
Grimacite gat
Grimacite gauntlets
Grimacite girdle
Grimacite glaive
Grimacite go-go boots
Grimacite goggles
Grimacite gorget
Grimacite gown
Grimacite greaves
Grimacite guayabera
grimstone galoshes
grimstone mask
grimy lab coat
grinning ghostling
grinning turtle
grip key
grisly shell fragment
grisly shield
grizzled bearskin
grody jug
Groll doll
groose grease
groovy prism necklace
groping claw
grouchy restless spirit
grouper fangirl
groupie bra
groupie lipstick
groupie spangles
grue egg
grue egg omelette
Grumpy Bumpkin's Pumpkin Seed Catalog
grumpy old man charrrm
grumpy old man charrrm bracelet
grungy bandana
grungy flannel shirt
guano coffee cup
guard turtle collar
guard turtle shell
guild application
guitar pick
gummi ammonite
gummi belemnite
gummi bowtie
gummi canary
gummi fang
gummi salamander
gummi snake
gummi sword
gummi trilobite
gummi turtle
Gummy Brains
gun cleaning kit
gun parts
gunky chicken
gunner's daughter
gunpowder burrito
guts necklace
guy made of bee pollen
Guzzlr application
Guzzlr cocktail set
Guzzlr hat
Guzzlr pants
Guzzlr shoes
Guzzlr souvenir stein
Guzzlr tablet
Guzzlr tattoo kit
Gygaxian Libram
gym membership card
gym shorts
Gyromitra Dynomita mushroom
hacked gibson
haggis socks
haggis-infused soap
haggis-wrapped haggis-stuffed haggis
haiku katana
hair of the calf
hair of the fish
hair oil
hair spray
Hairpiece On Fire
hairy staff
Half a Purse
half double fruitcake
half of a gold tooth
half-baked potion
half-digested coal
half-empty carton of milk
half-height unicycle
half-melted spoon
half-rotten brain
half-size scalpel
half-sized guitar
ham steak
hamethyst bracelet
hamethyst earring
hamethyst necklace
hamethyst ring
hamethyst-handled sixgun
hamlet sandwich
hand grenegg
Hand in Glove
hand of cards
hand of Mr. Cards
Hand that Rocks the Ladle
hand turkey outline
hand-carved bokken
hand-carved bow
hand-carved staff
hand-crafted candy cane
hand-knitted Crimbo socks
hand-knitted diving booties
handful of barley
handful of bees
handful of confetti
handful of crafty noodles
handful of Crotchety Pine needles
handful of drink tickets
handful of fire
handful of hand chalk
handful of honey
handful of juicy garbage
handful of Laughing Willow bark
handful of moss
handful of napalm
handful of numbers
handful of nuts and berries
handful of pine needles
handful of sand
handful of sawdust
handful of Smithereens
handful of stubble
handful of tips
handful of walnuts
handmade hobby horse
Handsome Devil
handsomeness potion
handyman "hand soap"
hangman's hood
Hanukkimbo dreidl
Happy Birthday, Claude! cake
hard spore pod
hardboiled egg
hardened slime belt
hardened slime hat
hardened slime pants
hardware upgrade
hare brush
hare pin
harem girl t-shirt
Hat O' Nine Tails
haunted battery
haunted bindle
haunted bottle of vodka
haunted cherry pie
haunted doghouse
haunted eggnog
haunted flame
haunted gimlet
haunted Hell ramen
haunted martini
haunted orange
haunted paddle-ball
haunted pizza
Haunted Sorority House staff guide
hawkface potion
Hawking's Elixir of Brilliance
hazardous sauce dosimeter
hazmat helmet
head mirror
headhunter necktie
headless sparrow
heart cozy
heart necklace
heart of dark chocolate
heart of rock and roll
heart of the volcano
heart-shaped balloon
heart-shaped candy whetstone
heart-shaped crate
heat-resistant gloves
heat-resistant necktie
heat-resistant sheet metal
heather graham cracker
heavy crown
heavy D
heavy duty umbrella
heavy hot sauce
heavy leather-bound tome
heavy metal sonata
heavy metal thunderrr guitarrr
heavy necklace chain
heavy-duty clipboard
heavy-duty Crimbot aerial
Heimandatz's heart
Heimz Fortified Kidney Beans
Hell and How I Bent It
Hell broth
hell in a bucket
Hell ramen
Hellfire Spicy Beans
hellion cube
hellseal claw
hellseal whisker
Helm of the Scream Emperor
helm of the white knight
helmet recipe
helmet turtle
Helvella Haemophilia mushroom
hemlock helm
hemp backpack
hemp candy necklace
hemp string
henna face paint
henna tattoo
hep waders
herb brownies
herbal stuffing
hermedisiac cologne
hermit factoid
hermit permit
Herring Daiquiri
Herring Wallbanger
Hersey™ SMOOCH
hewn moon-rune spoon
hi-density nylocite leg armor
hi-octane carrot juice
hibernating Grimstone Golem
hibernating robot reindeer
hibiscus petal
Hide-rox™ cookie
hideous egg
high-calorie sugar substitute
high-end ginger wine
high-energy mining laser
high-pressure seltzer bottle
high-resistance ultrapolymer plating
high-speed upgrade
high-temperature mining drill
high-temperature mining mask
high-test fishing line
Highest Bitter
hill of beans
Himalayan Hidalgo sauce
hippo skin buckler
hippo tutu
hippo whip
hippopotamus kilt
hippopotamus pants
hippopotamus skin
hippopotamus skirt
hipposkin poncho
Hippy Army MPE
hippy bongo
hippy herbal tea
hippy medical kit
hippy paste
hippy protest button
hipster cocktail
History's Most Offensive Jokes, Vol. IX
Hjodor's Guide to Arctic Dalmatians
Hjodor's Guide to Arctic Dalmatians (used)
HOA citation pad
HOA regulation book
HOA zombie eyes
hoarded candy wad
hobo code binder
hobo dungarees
hobo fortress blueprints
hobo monkey
hobo nickel
hobo paste
hobo stogie
hockey stick of furious angry rage
Hodgman's almanac
Hodgman's blanket
Hodgman's bow tie
Hodgman's cane
Hodgman's disgusting technicolor overcoat
Hodgman's garbage sticker
Hodgman's harmonica
Hodgman's imaginary hamster
Hodgman's journal #1: The Lean Times
Hodgman's journal #2: Entrepreneurythmics
Hodgman's journal #3: Pumping Tin
Hodgman's journal #4: View From The Big Top
Hodgman's lobsterskin pants
Hodgman's lucky sock
Hodgman's metal detector
Hodgman's porkpie hat
Hodgman's varcolac paw
Hodgman's whackin' stick
holiday cheese log
Holiday Fun!
Holiday Hal's Happy-Time Fun Book!
holiday log
holistic headache remedy
Hollandaise helmet
holly-flavored Hob-O
holy bomb, batman
home robotics kit
homeless hobo spirit
homemade robot
homemade robot gear
homeopathic healing powder
homeopathic mint tea
honey dipper
honey mead
honey stick
honey-dipped locust
hopeful candle
hopping socks
horizontal tango
hors d'oeuvre tray
Horsery contract
Hot 'n' Scarys
hot and sour sauce
hot ashes
hot buttered roll
hot button candy
hot cluster
hot clusterbomb
hot coal
hot cocoa au beurre
hot cocoa with rainbow marshmallows
hot cross bow
hot date
hot daub
hot daub bun
hot daub stand
hot Dreadsylvanian cocoa
hot egg
hot hi mein
hot jelly
hot katana blade
hot mint schnocolate
hot nuggets
hot pink lipstick
hot plate
hot powder
hot spore pod
hot stuffing
hot wad
hot watered rum
hot wing
hot-ass club
hotel minibar key
Hotwire™ brand candy rope
house of twigs and spit
house-sized mushroom
hovering sombrero
How to Avoid Scams
How To Get Bigger Without Really Trying
How to Hold a Grudge
How to Play Othello
How to Tolerate Jerks
HP-35 Calculator
huge bowl of candy
huge gold coin
huge mint leaf
huge mosquito proboscis
huge pumpkin
huge spoon
Huggler Radio
human musk
humble pie
humming El Vibrato drone
Humpty Dumplings
Hundred Headed IPA
Hunger™ Sauce
hungover chauvinist pig
hunk of granite
hushed puppy
hustler shades
hyperbolic plasma focuser
hyperinflated seal lung
hypodermic needle
ice baby
ice cream sandwich
ice harvest
ice hotel bell
ice house
Ice Island Long Tea
ice pick
ice porter
ice rice
ice sickle
ice skate decoy
ice skate doll
ice skates
ice stein
ice wine
Ice-Cold Aluminum Necklace
Ice-Cold Beer Ring
Ice-Cold Beerring
ice-cold Cloaca Zero
ice-cold fotie
ice-cold Sir Schlitz
ice-cold six-pack
ice-cold Willer
iceberg lettuce
Iceberglar scarf
iced plum wine
iced-out bling
icicle katana
icing poncho
icy hairspray
icy katana hilt
icy mushroom wine
icy-hot katana
Idol of Ak'gyxoth
igloo pie
Iiti Kitty Gumdrop
Iiti Kitty phone charm
illegal firecracker
illicit fish sauce
Illuminati earpiece
Illustrated Mating Rituals of the Gallapagos
imaginary lemon
imbued seal-blubber candle
imitation crab crate
imitation crab meat
imitation crab zoea
imitation nice watch
imitation whetstone
imitation White Russian
immense ballet shoes
immense cyborg hand
immense free-range mushroom
imp air
Imp Ale
imp unity ring
imported lemon lozenge
improved martini
impure gasoline
incense bath ball
incredible pizza
incredibly creepy marionette
incredibly dense meat gem
indescribably horrible paste
industrial frosting
industrial lubricant
industrial strength anti-fungal spray
industrial strength starch
inert grey goo ring
inert sludgepuppy
infant sandworm
infernal fife
infernal insoles
infernal snowball
infernal toilet brush
infinite BACON machine
inflatable baseball bat
inflatable duck
inflatable LT&T telegraph office
infrablack lipstick
ingot of seal-iron
ingot turtle
Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration
Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration (crumpled)
initiative shawarma
ink bladder
inky squid sauce
Inndya trading card
Inner Strength
Inner Truth
Inner Wisdom
insane tophat
insanely spicy bean burrito
insanely spicy enchanted bean burrito
insanely spicy jumping bean burrito
Instant Karma
insulated gold wire
insulting hat
intact anemone spike
intact medium-wave antenna
interesting clod of dirt
interesting-looking twig
internet point
interrogative elixir
Interview With You (a Vampire)
intimidating coiffure
intricate clockwork big hand
intricate clockwork birdhouse
intricate clockwork cuckoo
intricate clockwork disc
intricate clockwork egg
intricate clockwork little hand
intricate clockwork numeral I
intricate clockwork numeral II
intricate clockwork numeral III
intricate clockwork numeral IV
intricate clockwork numeral IX
intricate clockwork numeral V
intricate clockwork numeral VI
intricate clockwork numeral VII
intricate clockwork numeral VIII
intricate clockwork numeral X
intricate clockwork numeral XI
intricate clockwork numeral XII
intricate music box parts
intriguing puzzle box
invisibility cream
invisibility potion
invisible bag
invisible potion
ion grid
ion-pulse modulation stabilizer
irate sombrero
Irish Coffee, English Heart
Iron Beta of Industry
iron chain
iron dagger
iron helmet
iron pasta spoon
iron torso box
ironic battle spoon
ironic jogging shorts
ironic knit cap
ironic mint
ironic moustache
ironic oversized sunglasses
irradiated candy cane
irradiated pet snacks
irradiated turtle
irresistibility potion
irritability potion
Island Drinkin', a Tiki Mixology Odyssey
Island Hurricane
Island Landslide
Island Thunderstorm
Item #13
ittah bittah hookah
Iunion Crown
ivory cue ball
jabañero pepper
jabañero-flavored chewing gum
jack flapper
Jack-O-Lantern beer
Jackass Plumber home game
Jacob's rung
jagged scrap metal
jagged tooth
jalapeño slices
jam band
jam band bootleg
jamfish jam
Jamocha berry
janglin' bones
jangly bracelet
jangly spurs
janitor sponge
janitor's mop
January's Garbage Tote
January's Garbage Tote (unopened)
jar full of wind
jar of "Creole Lady" marrrmalade
jar of anniversary jam
jar of fermented pickle juice
jar of frostigkraut
jar of magical relish
jar of psychoses (Jick)
jar of psychoses (The Captain of the Gourd)
jar of psychoses (The Crackpot Mystic)
jar of psychoses (The Meatsmith)
jar of psychoses (The Old Man)
jar of psychoses (The Pretentious Artist)
jar of psychoses (The Suspicious-Looking Guy)
jar of squeeze
jar of swamp gas
jar of swamp honey
Jarlsberg's earring
Jarlsberg's key lime
Jarlsberg's key lime pie
Jarlsberg's pan
Jarlsberg's pan (Cosmic portal mode)
jaunty feather
java cookie
Jawmaster 2000™
jazz soap
jazzy cigarette holder
Jeans of Loathing
Jefferson wings
Jekyllin hide belt
jellyfish gel
Jeppson's Malort
Jerks' Health™ Magazine
jerky coins
jet bennie marble
jewel-eyed wizard hat
jewelry-making pliers
Jick's autograph
jigsaw blade
jingle bell
jingling spore pod
jitterbug larva
jive turkey leg
Jocko Homo's head
Jodhpurs of Violence
Jokester makeup
Jolly Roger charrrm
Jolly Roger charrrm bracelet
jug of "wine"
jug of baconstone juice
jug of booze
jug of Gnomochloric acid
jug of hamethyst juice
jug of porquoise juice
jug of Sneaky Pete's Mojo
juggling ball
Juju Mojo Mask
Jumbo Dr. Lucifer
jumbo olive