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About the Database

This database is run by Fryguy9 (#285126), created by ePeterso2 (#282376), and run with the support of Hojo Hominygrits (#196078) and the clan Jicken Wings, who were all super-helpful in testing the code and suggesting features and tweaks.

NOTE: The data here does not come from the live KoL database servers. Instead, it uses a copy of the data that is refreshed on a nightly basis. Automated updates that run behind the scenes keep the data as fresh as possible.

The operations on the database can take a while to run. A simple search for one item or player is generally speedy but can take up to 5 seconds (especially if there are a lot of collectors). Big operations such as the Complete Sets and Most Items searches have to do even bigger database operations and can take considerably longer.

Although no longer in use, MaxDemian's item list and Fnord7's KoLBot library made this effort one hell of a lot easier. Without them, this app wouldn't exist.

If you find any errors or problems or typos during your visits here, please let me know. Send a kmail in-game to Fryguy9 (#285126) or Hojo Hominygrits (#196078).