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Remember, remember...
Posted 2013-11-05 20:16:59

Why are we remembering the fifth of November? Because it's when the DCDB formally moved to Coldfront and started working again!

That's right. After more than a year of sporadic uptime at best, the DCDB should now be completely back in action. Lilac and Pimonkey are very, very sorry about the downtime.

- Lilac (#310734)

She Can't Take Much More, Cap'n
Posted 2013-02-11 10:54:45

Our web host has informed us that the nightly DCDB update script has been putting a little too much load on our shared server. DC updates have been disabled until we balance the load a little better, which will hopefully be soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

- Lilac (#310734)

Back In Black
Posted 2012-10-02 15:59:29

For about a week now, the DCDB has been running with my changes for the nightly updates, and everything seems to be functioning great. So, it looks like the DCDB is back up! Thanks to everyone for your patience. If you see anything wrong, let me know via kmail.

-Fryguy9 (#285126)
I'm collecting one of every item in the's what I don't have. ;) I'm not doing too bad.

It Is The Universe That Is Malfunctioning
Posted 2012-09-18 11:07:45

We haven't forgotten about you, faithful DCDB users! Our awesome tech Fryguy9 has been working diligently on getting new scripts in place for our new environment, and we are much closer than the last update. I can't give an exact date, but "soon" is a fair bet. Thanks again for your patience.

- Lilac (#310734)

Do Not Adjust Your Set
Posted 2012-08-23 10:00:00

The DCDB has changed hosts! Unfortunately, we're still working on getting the cases updating again, so data is going to be frozen for a little bit. Thanks for your patience.

- Lilac (#310734)

Patience…is a virtue
Posted 2012-04-22 14:35:03

I'm just posting to let everyone know that the intermittent updating should finally be fixed. We've been having some internal database and hosting issues, but I think I've sorted everything out.

-Fryguy9 (#285126)
I'm collecting one of every item in the's what I don't have. ;) I'm not doing too bad.

We control the horizontal, but not the vertical
Posted 2010-06-20 21:17:34

I can't believe it's be almost a year and a half since the last announcement. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are aware that the DCDB has not been updating. We are having some technical issues and are working through them. Also, my apologies for not updating some of the categories lately. Life just catches up on you sometimes.

-Fryguy9 (#285126)
I'm collecting one of every item in the's what I don't have. ;) I'm not doing too bad.

There's nothing wrong with being average.
Posted 2008-01-10 15:04:20

It's new updates time again! Here's what changed:

  • Item display now shows the number of sets that item is a part of. Click the link to see what they are.
  • Added Most Unique Item (Clan) special query.
  • Added Average Autosell (Clan) and Average Total Items (Clan), which take the average value per clan-member-that-has-a-display-case.
  • Restructured some of the queries on the backend for performance and to prevent bringing down the DCDB like I did a few times. =-O

-Fryguy9 (#285126)
I'm collecting one of every item in the's what I don't have. ;) I'm not doing too bad.

Round 2...FIGHT!
Posted 2007-10-05 11:05:03

Another update to the DCDB has arrived. So what's new this time? Well, the biggest change you may notice is the addition of clans, but more specifically...

  • Clan searching by ID or Name.
  • Special queries for ranking by clans.
  • Display of rankings for special queries on the individual player/item/clan pages.
  • Complete 100% automated nightly updates!
  • Speed improvements to the special queries.
  • A whole bunch more sets, like Eyewear and Ring to name a couple.
  • A "How to use the DCDB" in the FAQ section.
Hopefully, this should start a new type of competition between clans! So get collecting!

-Fryguy9 (#285126)
I'm collecting one of every item in the's what I don't have. ;) I'm not doing too bad.

We're back. And we're bigger than a breadbox.
Posted 2007-08-29 09:41:03

Sorry for the short downtime there, but I promise it was for a good reason.

First off, this is Fryguy9 giving the news this time. I took up ePeterso2 on his offer to work on the DCDB about a month ago, and have been working on it since then. So, the downtime came from the first push of new stuff.

We've updated the site with a few new features, the most important being that full imports are now done from nightly dumps provided by Jick & Co. This should allow new cases to be shown, and the top lists should be much more accurate. Also, because of this, there is no need to have any bots running to update a single display case, and thus no need to hammer the game, so you'll notice the links for that functionality are gone.

We've also added the ability to search by item ID (and no, smarty-pants, you can't search new unimplemented items this way), auto-updating of many categories, the addition of some new categories, and other general speed ups.

I hope you like the changes, and I have a couple more on the way. If you see any problems, have any suggestions for new categories, or whatever, kmail me.

-Fryguy9 (#285126)
I'm collecting one of every item in the's what I don't have. ;) I'm not doing too bad.

Updates and Maintenance - Help Needed!
Posted 2007-02-10 07:27:44

As some of you already know, I have had to reduce my KOL involvement as of late. I've found that the game was taking up more time than was healthy for me, my job, and my family. You know, the usual signs of someone in need of a 12-step program.

One of my goals for the DCDB was for it to be self-maintaining. Ideally, it would automatically import a refreshed version of the items, players, clans, and cases each day, keeping you as up to date as possible. Unfortunately, it's not to that point yet.

Part of the problem deals with my hosting service. I'm on a shared server, and processes that cause run too long and soak up too many CPU cycles get automagically autonuked by scanning scripts on my servers. I've managed to work around that a bit with the bots I run, but not with the update scripts which run for a long, long time.

Consequently, I need help. If you're willing to host a server on which to run the import scripts periodically, then I'm willing to give you access to the database. It'll require someone who not only has a stable machine, but who also knows SQL and a scripting language of some sort (PHP or Perl).

If you're interested and able, write to me at

Dusty Bones and Data Bases
Posted 2006-10-15 14:40:13

Thanks to Ninja Karl's suggestion, there is now a category called "Dusty Bones". Hopefully its contents will be obvious.

In other news, I've had to move the update scripts off of my home machine ... I've been having some issues getting them to run consistently and correctly on the new machine, so there won't be any full updates for a while until I can get it sorted out. Individual case refreshes will still work.

Also, a few FAQ responses have been added.

Ate Gnu Jones!
Posted 2006-09-21 04:01:39

Well, the 8 new zones are finally here. Unfortunately, the dev team forgot to mark the items in the zones as public, so they don't show up in the item list they send me every night. Be patient.

Also, the new login system (while transparent to you the user of the normal interface) is confusing the bot code of the DCDB. Consequently, you'll have refresh problems off and on for a while. I'm working on upgrading to the latest KoLBot build (#155) which fixes this problem.

New Domains and Failed Logins and Snow Queens, Oh My!
Posted 2006-08-31 09:25:41

The Display Case Database has moved to the domain for clan-loving goodness. All of your old links through will be automagically forwarded to the new domain.

Also, the new feature that prevents excessive logins to the KOL servers is affecting the dynamic refresh capability of the DCDB. If too many folks attempt to refresh their display cases at the same time, only the first one will work ... all the rest will have to wait for one minute before another refresh can be attempted.

And, I've imported the latest item table which includes the new Icy Peak items. Huzzah!

Dynamic Refresh Isn't Working
Posted 2006-08-30 11:13:53

For some reason, you will get a "Can't log in" error when you attempt to refresh someone's display case. I'm not sure why it's happening ... I suspect it's related to a recent change in the KOL servers regarding repeated logins. I'm investigating now ...

Maine, at the top of the charts, has crushed my evil heart
Posted 2006-07-03 06:34:51

The jewel-eyed wizard hat is now in the database and added to the relevant item sets. Let the good collection times roll!

Also, I'll be out of town on vacation from July 6 through July 13. The database will be available, but I've given my tech support staff that week off, too, so if the DB dies you'll just have to suck it up and find alternative ways to keep your obsessive selves occupied.

I promise I'll do a database refresh when I get back, so that's something to look forward to, I suppose.

Gray Grinning Grimacite over the Bounding Mein
Posted 2006-06-20 04:20:27

It's Tuesday!

I've updated the item list and the item sets. This update includes the Grimacite items, the hi/lo meins, all of the smashy-smashy powdery bits, the new potions, life, the universe, and everything. Even bricks and raffle tickets.

Are you satisfied now, Werebear?

Oh, and I added a Grimacite item set, just in case some desperate holder of some strange secrets manages to collect all of those items.

Astral Traveller, Leaving Without Her
Wondering where lives go, in and out the valley below

Posted 2006-06-02 04:58:57

The latest item list has been imported, which includes all of the Astral Plane items.

New Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Items Added
Posted 2006-05-26 18:16:38

As of the most recent item list update, the new superhuman cocktailcrafting items have been added to the database.

I really should get off of my lazy ass and make an item set for that, or sump'm.

New Faster Update Script Running
Posted 2006-05-16 06:00:35

Thanks to the generous help of Jick and Xenophobe, I've now got a daily data feed of collection data from the KOL servers.

I am currently working on updating the import and database code to take advantage of the data feed. The first stage of that update is in place now, and my first attempt at doing an update off of that data is running as I write this. I don't know how often I'll be able to do the update, but my goal is to get it to update once a day instead of once a week.

Additional changes that take advantage of the feed will be forthcoming but mostly transparent to you all.

"Dude, I like totally kmailed you and you never answered my question!"
Posted 2006-05-09 07:01:15

Dear Gentle Reader:

Well, I did answer your question, you just didn't see the answer because you didn't bother to poke around on this site. See that cutesy little link up at the top of the page labled "FAQ"? That stands for Frequently Asked Questions, and coincidentally includes not only frequently asked questions but, conveniently enough, answers to those very same questions. They're questions that I tend to get asked rather frequently, which is why I decided to make a list of them.

So, don't feel slighted if I don't respond to you. If you're wondering why I haven't answered your question you sent me via kmail, why not see if it's already been answered in the FAQ list?

Love ya,


Updated to Latest Item List
Posted 2006-05-06 05:25:27

I imported the latest item list, which includes this month's Mr. Store monthly special. I also updated the appropriate item sets.

Display Case Refresh Is Now Complete
Posted 2006-04-23 11:29:33

The latest run of the display case refreshment tool is complete. All display cases should now be reasonably up to date again. If you have a case that's not found or is not current, just follow the directions in the green boxes.

"Dude! Why Is My Display Case Empty?!"
Posted 2006-04-22 13:42:49

Remember that trivial update from about a week ago, where Jick and Xeno added a new feature that allows you to collapse a display case shelf? Well, that feature they added broke the script that I use to collect data from the game.

The issue has been fixed in the code, but the collector hasn't finished running yet. It's about halfway done, and I expect it to finish some time this weekend.

In the meantime, why not go play the MMG?

Collapsing Shelves Cause Database Collapse, Too
Posted 2006-04-20 11:40:14

I didn't update the display case refresh code to understand the new format of the display case pages, now that the shelf collapse code has been added. Consequently, any display case you refreshed would look empty.

The code is working now ... either manually refresh any cases you see or just wait for me to re-run the weekly case scanner to do the update.

Thanks to thoughtstipated for reporting this one!

Added the Talisman of Bakula
Posted 2006-04-17 12:12:24


Added the Grimoire to the Mr. Store sets
Posted 2006-04-17 07:27:33

Grayson noted that the Grimoire was not part of the Mr. Store nor Mr. Store Monthly Special sets. They are now.

Latest Item List Imported and Sets Updated
Posted 2006-04-17 04:08:47

The new Hilarious objects, the Grass Guise, and a few other new items have been added to the database. I've also updated the relevant item sets.

The Yellow Snowcone Is Now a Snowcone
Posted 2006-04-12 08:42:05

Thanks to Moldar for pointing out to me that the yellow snowcone was missing from the set of snowcones.

Imported Latest Item List
Posted 2006-04-10 03:13:07

The latest list includes the vampire heart, Radio Free Jersey, and Radio KoL Coffee Mug.

New Item Set: Gifts
Posted 2006-04-05 04:24:04

I added a new item set called "Gifts", which includes all items that are marked as "Gift Item" in their descriptions. This includes everything in the Gift Shop, as well as gift boxes and the Hilarious items.

Latest Item List Imported and Sets Updated
Posted 2006-04-05 04:02:19

I've imported the latest (4/3/06) version of MaxDemian's item list, and I've regenerated the sets from it. I believe that all of the Grimoire items are now in the database and are included in all appropriate sets.

Hilarious Items Added
Posted 2006-04-03 09:48:44

There's a Hilarious set now for all of you collectors of these new items. I'm running the weekly scan of known cases right now, so it may take a while before these items start showing up here en masse.

Sewer Sets Added
Posted 2006-04-03 07:35:43

I added the sets "Sewer", "Tradeable Sewer", and "Worthless" for your querying pleasure.

Statistics Page Added
Posted 2006-03-31 10:00:54

The [Stats] button at the top of the page now gives you an idea of how the server has been performing over the past hour. More stats will come here as I think of them and get motivated to implement them.

Blackout Period for Display Case Refreshes
Posted 2006-03-30 07:23:37

At Fusilliban's request to make sure that the game runs as fast as possible for people who are actually adventuring, I've implemented a peak hours blackout period. No display cases can be refreshed between 11pm and 1am US-Eastern time. You can run as many queries here as you like during the blackout period, you just can't resync any cases from the game servers.

Just doing our part to be good internet neighbors and minimize the lag.

Recovering from a Minor Bug in the Update Script
Posted 2006-03-29 07:18:53

I've been tinkering with the update script, and I accidentally introduced a bug into it that caused the script that reloads your display case to instead not reload your display case. It got through about player ID 300,000 before I realized what was going on. I've fixed the bug and restarted the update script, so it should be fixed by, oh, tomorrow or so.

Fear not: your display case contents have only been lost on my server, not in the game, and only temporarily at that. Sorry!

If you must know, I've updated the script to collect a bit more data from your player pages to make it possible to do some new cool queries in the future.

Removed the Pills, Added Tradeable/Untradeable Sets
Posted 2006-03-29 03:52:59

The familiar experience pill and the sober pill were marked as custom items, which removes them from all of the sets. (Thanks to flatluigi for pointing this out.)

I added two new sets: Tradeable and Untradeable, whose contents should be obvious. (Thanks to Club for that suggestion.)

New Set: Scrolls
Posted 2006-03-28 15:11:21

Added a set of all scrolls. Moldar, I hope you show your appreciation :-)

Sleazy Gravy Fairy Items Added
Posted 2006-03-28 14:04:51

I added the familiar larva and the equipment for the Sleazy Gravy Fairy (pregnant oily golden mushroom and hot pink lipstick). All relevant item sets are updated, too.

Renamed "Limited Edition" to "You Had to Be There"
Posted 2006-03-28 09:25:09

I renamed the Limited Edition set to "You Had to Be There", since that's more accurately what it's describing. The name "Limited Edition" really could apply to discontinued but still tradeable items ... maybe I'll add a set for that later, although many of the existing sets are just that. Meh.

Set Descriptions Added
Posted 2006-03-28 09:22:44

I added a link to the top pane called "Sets" which will give a list of each defined item set along with a description of the set. Click the set name to see exactly which items are in the set. Set descriptions are also displayed in the results pane of set queries.

Familiar Sets and New Special Queries
Posted 2006-03-28 07:57:01

I added two new item sets: Familiar Larvae and Familiar Equipment (suggested by The Champion). The Equipment category does not include the serrated proboscis extension, which doesn't drop in the game.

Also, four new special queries have been rolled out: Most Collected Item, Most Numerous Item, Most Total Items, and Most Unique Items. Descriptions of these special queries appear at the top of the results pane.

Kingdom Gameplay Forum Thread
Posted 2006-03-27 14:25:56

In case you're not already aware, there's a forum thread about the database. Feel free to join in there with any questions, comments, ideas, and suggestions.

Holiday and Epic Hat Item Sets
Posted 2006-03-27 13:59:26

I added Holiday item sets (suggested by Fryguy) and an Epic Hat item set (suggested by The Tristero)

No Gnus Is Good Gnus
Posted 2006-03-27 13:40:27

I implemented the News link to let you know when new queries and features have been added.